Do you dream about your kitchen?

buildinvaApril 22, 2013

For the past couple of weeks I've dreamed about my kitchen each night. Usually it's more like nightmares! One night it was all about dishwashers. Different styles, the steam in my face, food stuck to plates, etc. Another night I was trying to install the range. Last night I was stuck in a confusing layout and couldn't find my way around. It's terrible!

Anybody else? Or am I just weird? I know I'm totally obsessed right now!!

I wouldn't mind a happy dream where the kitchen is beautiful, functional, and FINISHED!

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You're lucky ... with all those nightmares, your finished kitchen will seem like a dream in comparison. All my dreams were of the perfect kitchen, which of course, has not been my reality.

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Glad to know that I'm not the only one. I think my last dream was that the doors were all mismatched in design and color...yikes!

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Yup. Anything I spend a ton of time on I dream about. I much prefer the kitchen to work though. When I have real long work weeks I dream about work.

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Yes, anxiety dreams while we're in the planning stages. I'm sure they'll continue through construction, oh joy.

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Since ours was a DIY, most of my dreams were about the process, and definitely anxiety related. There are worse things to be anxious about. ;-)

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I have been known to solve kitchen design problems in my sleep! Consequently, I keep a pad and pen at bedside for those "aha" moments that I wake up at night with an idea.

So yes, I can't turn the brain off and will dream about kitchens. Or, keep awake about them sometimes too.

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Yes, and I can't wait until the nightmares end! If DH doesn't totally blow a gasket, things will be good. He is having a harder time than I am, and I'm the one doing most of the work!

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Oh my yes indeed.

Anybody remember the episode of Cheers when Norm (he was a painter) told the client "I programmed myself to dream about your space"....?

I do that. I work out a lot of decorating/design issues that way.

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Absolutely! My dreams are so vivid!

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I had a dream last night......

I got called in to the KD center (we aren't planning on using) and thre was a group of people there, including our real estate agent and mortgage broker. It was sort of an intervention for them to tell me I couldn't have everything I wanted cause it wouldn't fit in my budget. I argued and cried for awhile, then in a panick I ran out the door realizing I forgot to pick up my 4 year old at school. On my way out the door I yelled back over my shoulder that they better figure it out to get me what I wanted under budget or I was going elsewhere.

Lol. Easy to play Freud on that dream!

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I had actual night terrors during the last month our remodel. I woke up screaming and sweating, honestly. I was a stressed out mess! I don't remember having happy dreams during the process. Pretty silly in retrospect. Next time around I plan on enjoying it.

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Lol, Chrissy! Too funny. That sounds like a dream I might have!

I wish my kitchen dreams were productive. They're just annoying & cause restlessness!

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