My Latest Charity Quilt

pirate_girlJune 22, 2013

Hi Everybody,

Here's the latest charity quilt I've made, from scraps & leftovers of prior charity quilts. I call it Crazy Cats Cavalcade.

shot outside, on the grass

some turquoise & red together in the same print, that was a challenge to work with

Gosh, none of those are quite in focus, sorry about that:

Hopefully, these are better

fun prints, upbeat & happy to work with

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A very cute quilt! and very thrifty of you to reuse charity quilt leftovers!

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That's cute and great job of using the scraps from the charity quilts for another charity quilt.


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Very nice.
Great use of leftovers.


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Interesting use for all the spare blocks and pieces - we should all use up our "extras" for charity quilts, especially theme fabric and blocks. Someone is going to love the kitties! It is very cute and fun!

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Very cute quilt!

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I sure hope those receiving these are grateful !!!

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Thanks all for the lovely comments. These weren't really any blocks, per se, more like bits & pieces of the 4 novelty cat prints & then whatever coordinating bits of my own scraps, turquoise prints, apple green, yellow & gold bits of solids. Really kinda making 'new' fabric by just sewing the pieces together into panels.

Recently here someone posted & shared a call for Quilts for Oklahoma Tornado victims. Given that this quilt is so upbeat, happy, & cat-filled, I think it should go to kids. When I saw that post I immediately thought to send this.

So I'll be sending it to that Quilt Shop in Tulsa & asking that it be directed to a family w/ kids who lost their homes &/or their pets.
(Has anyone had dealings w/ that LQS in Tulsa yet, who put out the call?)

I've carried this w/ me back & worth to work, to be able to pop the knots on the Subway (I ride abt an hour each way; am almost done). Some folks see what I'm working on & it generates interesting discussions & comments. The cheeriness of this was consistently commented on, so I particularly hope it'll warm the hearts of some of these kids. Like maybe some extra warm hugs, which I'm sure they can use, given all they must be enduring.

I think I've actually learned some of that 'use charity scraps for more charity work' kind of frugality here, in how creative some of you are w/ your scrappy work. Maybe it's also a bit of Yankee thrift.

I really think twice now about how small scraps I should keep, it seems to be abt 1.5" square. You are all an excellent influence in that respect! Thanks everybody, for your encouragement.

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