Elmer's School Glue to sandwich the quilt?

K8OrlandoJune 23, 2014

I saw in a recent post that Lois used Elmer's School Glue to sandwich her quilt and was pleased with the results. I've never tried it but I'm interested! Will Lois, or anyone who's tried it, explain exactly how you do it? How much glue do you use? How do you space it? Do you glue the backing to the batting first, then glue the top to the batting?



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Kate, this is how I did it. I taped the backing to the floor and then laid the batting on top and smoothed it out. Then I folded half of the batting over on itself and applied glue to the backing. I just ran a thin drizzle out of the container, going back and forth across the quilt about 3-4 inches apart. Then I folded the batting back over the glue and smoothed it out carefully. I repeated with the second half of the batting. Then I laid the quilt top over the batting, smoothed it out, folded it back and applied the glue to the batting in the same fashion, repeating with the second half. I left the glue to dry for a few hours or overnight.

I have heard of some quilters who thin the glue a bit with water and apply it with a little paint roller - the ones that are about 3 inches wide.

Just be sure you buy the washable School Glue, not the All Purpose one. The glue washes right out of the quilt. It held together really well while I was quilting. No more pins for this girl.

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The site called Quilting Board has a lot of info and comments by users on how they are using Elmer's school Glue.
I check in there occasionally just to see what is new and I think Lois does too.

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Thanks for asking this, Kate and thanks for telling, Louis.... The fumes and over spray from the basting spray drive me crazy and I still get puckers on the back when I use it, so this is very intriguing!

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Sounds like it's worth a try! Thanks for the info.


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OMG! If the glue washes out well, I'd be all over this! I think I would thin the glue and use the small roller to apply it. This would be faster and eliminate any possible blobs of glue.


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I don't like basting spray at all so I'm interested in trying this. I don't mind pinning though so I'm not totally sold on this idea either. Looks like I'm going to have to try it.

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Wouldn't the glue dry 'hard' or 'thick' in places and make it hard for the needle to penetrate?

Maybe the watered down version wouldn't be so bad??

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I had no problem with the glue being hard to penetrate, gumming up my needle or not washing out. I've got a second quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt. I'll report back on any issues.

I bought some 505 spray basting and the Elmer's glue at the same time. It was raining outside and I didn't want to spray inside, so that's why I tried the Elmer's first. Also, I love taping the backing to my living room floor. It makes it so smooth and wrinkle free. I don't know how I would do it outside. Maybe I should just return the 505 to JoAnn's.

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I use it on small quilts and I iron it on the back. It has never been difficult to quilt over, but I use a thin stream. I have used it for bindings for years.

The nozzle from hair dye fits the glue bottle and you can make the hole as large or small as you want it.

Tried it on a twin size and was not happy with it at all, it kept pulling apart as I bunched it up to move it through my machine.

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I just finished quilting my second quilt using Elmer's School Glue. I am really sold on it. It held the quilt securely during the whole quilting process. (The quilt was 50"x72".) It seemed to wash out completely. I never felt my Tiara "sense" the glue lines; she didn't get gummed up. I had no problem with the glue releasing like Rosa did, but maybe I used a heavier stream of glue. I'd like to try a smaller stream. I guess I'll have to start dyeing my hair. LOL

I posted a photo of the quilt under "A Quilt for My Friend."

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