phoggieMay 15, 2009

Elle, I was wondering how your remodel/selling is going on your home.....I hope that you have had a line of buyers who want that beautiful home..... Let us know...'cause there are a lot of us who have followed this thread.

Good Luck!!

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Hi phoffie, and all! Still hanging in there. Did add several large green plants to the sunroom (a la Ikea - great prices, fyi!!)and my dh & me too wondered why we didn't do it long ago as it really "warms up" the room. Color is outside thanks to spring and some plantings. Color has been added to the kitchen via way flowers and placement of a few colorful accents on the counters. We have not done any remodeling and at this point don't plan to. At our price point in our area for this size and type house it is not advisable. People would rather have a clean slate than someone elses decore.
We did lower the price a bit after 30days, but not until recently have we started to see a rise activity. We've got a house that people either LOVE or HATE, or sometimes both!! - the dh loves but the wife hates or visa versa!!! We and so many others in our area are also finding that we have to wait for the "domino" effect. We have had several people who have come in and are in love with our place and it's their top pick, but......they are waiting for their home to sell so they can make a move to buy! Interestingly enough, there is, or shall I now say was, a home that we really wanted to make a move on since January when we first started thinking about a move. It sat and sat and sat and finally took a deposit this week. Oh, well! Even if that had been reduced to next to nothing, we still needed to sell our home before we bought it. So unless the market in this area starts to pick up a little more, we are all going to sit and wait. Very, very little in our price point is selling or even being looked at.
At a certain point though, we just might take this girl off the market and hang out for a while longer until things start to improve a bit. ~Elle

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