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ruthanna_gwMarch 20, 2007

When you make beef broth, what vegetables and seasonings do you put in yours?

Besides the roasted beef and bones, I use:








whole cloves

whole allspice

bay leaf

ground coriander

salt and pepper

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I basically follow the information found in this article (link below). -Grainlady

Here is a link that might be useful: Weston A. Price Foundation

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I don't want cloves in mine, nor all spice nor coriander...but maybe I should try it...but I will skip the cloves LOL!
but I sure do want garlic and lots of it and celery and peppers...green red or otherwise..
And a couple of "glug, glugs" of red wine.
Linda C

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Including a cracked (the butcher would do this for you) veal knuckle, browned along with the beef bones gives a really good, hearty flavor and adds gelatin to the stock ! This is what I used to do in making my brown beef stock. However, in recent times have not been able to get a veal knuckle from a supermarket nor butcher shop.

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When I make broth, I make lots of it and freeze in batches. I like it to be very simple that way I can dress it up with the herbs and seasonings that match the dish I'm going to make with it.

I only add carrots, onions, celery , salt and pepper.

I put the veggies and beef bones in a roasting pan and drizzle with olive oil then sprinkle with salt and pepper. I roast at 400 for about 30 mins then turn everything over and roast another 30 minutes.

When nicely caramelized I put it all in a stock pot with water and simmer for several hours.

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I pretty much follow Chase's procedure, for the same reasons.

Once the bones are roasted I put them in a stock pot. cover with water. Then toss in a large onion, cut in half; a whole head of garlic; a couple of carrots, cut in large pieces, and a rib or two of celery. A dozen whole peppercorns, and some kosher salt.

After simmering this several hours I strain it through a collander to remove the solids, then strain again through cheesecloth. The whole pot is then chilled, and the congealed fat removed.

Then I break it down to freezer sizes; which vary from 1 cup to 1 quart.

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Slightly OT......a fun thing to do on a bad weather day is to continue on with the beef stock and make a Brown Sauce (Sauce Espagnol) then, from that, make a demi glace. The whole procedure takes three days but the results are so good.

I freeze the demi glace in ice cube trays and use them for sauces, gravies etc.

When I really have too much time on my hand I love to clarify the broth!

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Y'all don't find an "ice cube" of demi glace a bit much for a standard sauce or gravy recipe?

That's a powerful punch of flavor. I usually think in terms of a tablespoon of the glace to make a sauce.

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Not at all...but then again I never do standard amounts when it comes to cooking! Besides which I don't think an ice cube is much more than a TBSP. In fact just measured one and it's about 1 1/2 TBSP.

The ice cubes work out to be a perfect size for me.

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Only 1 1/2 tablespoons. Who'd a thunk it.

If you'd have asked, I'd have bet money they were larger than that. Go figure.

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Thanks. I was wondering if anyone used herbs in theirs.

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Well gardenlad I'm Canadian so maybe it's because mine are metric ice cubes! LOL None the less making demi glace on a slow day(s) is a great diversion.

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"making demi glace on a slow day(s) is a great diversion"

Ooooh, there's a great line buried in there. But Jessy says I can't step on her turf, so I'll be good. :>(

Anyway, in a fit of nothing better to do I just measured my ice cube trays. Each compartment holds 6 teaspoons, which translates as 2 tablespoons.

Ice cube trays do come in different sizes, though, so it isn't surprising that your mileage varies.

Ruthanna, if all the broth (actually stock) I make were destined for direct consumption I would include herbs. But I use it to make soups, and sauces, and as the liquid component for stewing, so prefer adding the appropriate herbs after the fact.

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