please recommend upholstery velvet and sources

saydeMay 8, 2013

Would appreciate having input on a good durable upholstery velvet and where to source. I will need about 17 yards for a chair and ottoman. Very few places around here to shop for fabric.

Would like a polyester or blend with polyester and cotton. Solid dark or mid brown -- if I can find the right hue.

I have seen some lovely all cotton upholstery velvets but am wary about that -- should I be?

Please let me have your recommendations for a beautiful solid velvet that is also durable.

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This is where I buy a lot of my upholstery fabrics. Their prices are very reasonable, service is great, and the fabrics have all been great quality. They have several brown velvet selections.

Here is a link that might be useful: OnlineFabricStore

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Speaking from recent experience, make sure you test a sample by spilling some water on it. I had dining chairs reupholstered in a very expensive Schumacher velvet and when some water was spilled on one of the chairs it looked like acid had been spilled on it. It completely changed the color, feel and nap of the fabric. The interior designer I used stood behind her service and had all the chairs redone in another fabric. We tested all the samples we considered with water to make sure we wouldn't have the same problem again.

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I purchased a couch 2 years ago from Calico Corners in a dark brown velvet. 100% cotton. I have two young children and so far it has worn really well. It does have a stain/soil repellant on it. When there is a spill, I take a damp cloth and dab/lightly rub. All gone! Here is a link:

I don't remember it being called artichoke but on my monitor this looks dark brown.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I have just ordered some samples including the Antibes Artichoke that Mamorella suggested. Will definitely water test. I really appreciated the input.

Still listening if anyone else has anything to say about upholstery velvet.

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Kravet makes an " outdoor" velvet and Sunbrella does too. They both have a shorter nap, but are nice looking!

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Circus Peanut

hi Sayde,

I wrote some long (possibly tedious!) posts on selecting & purchasing upholstery velvet in this older thread, if it helps:

Here is a link that might be useful: Upholstery Velvet Tips

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I am so glad C. Peanut entered the discussion. She has posted eloquently about velvet. Designer rr is a good source, in my experience.
The problem I have encountered with many online sources is not being able to obtain that number of yards that I need, especially with respect to window treatments and sofas with loose cushions. Good luck!

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Thank you Circus Peanut -- very helpful!

This fabric/furniture buying is quite challenging. I actually found a great velvet at Stickley (with their label) -- durable, polyester, perfect color. Would like to buy the chair from them -but they have almost nothing on the floor. So I am having to look at other manufacturers. Wish I knew how to source this particular velvet. But I will keep looking. Thank you everyone for all the pointers and suggestions.

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This thread may help. Oooops. Meant to post this on another thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous velvet thread

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