OT: It's Official, I am going back to see Jesus!

jackier123June 26, 2013

Inside joke for those that were at the retreat last year. hahaha
It is official, I am taking my husband, son and daughter-in-law to the Denver area on vacation this year. We fly out on October 5! I have always wanted to take them to the area, as it is about my favorite place that I have ever visited.

I have rented a house in Colorado Springs since most of what we want to see is down that way. We will take day trips though to see other areas.

My son lives in Nashville, TN and I happened to find a really good deal on airfare from there. My husband and I will have to drive 2 hours to Nashville the night before we leave. My son works as the assistant manager of safety and security of Gaylord Opryland Hotel, so we will be able to park there and ride their shuttle to the airport.

I am excited! Sue I hope you will be in town during that time.


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Jackie..One of my favorite stories of all time! I still chuckle about it...so pleased you will be able to share the area with your husband...maybe you'll even see Jesus again!!! :-)
I can only hope you return with a great tale from this trip as you did the previous time!

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I'm so glad we got to hear that story, I agree it is one of the best of all time. Enjoy and take pictures.


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I CAN NOT wait until retreat!! There's sure to be a great story to hear!

Have a terrific trip! I went to Co Springs once for work. Didn't see much, but it was beautiful right there at the mountains!

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How exciting. Happy for you and your family. Not sure about the story but it sounds like fun. Enjoy.

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Have a great vacation, Jackie! Come back with some more great travel stories. I don't know if they will top the great story you told at the retreat.....but you can try!


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I started laughing just seeing the title of the post!!! Too funny!! Have a great time.


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I missed this on Wednesday - but the title of the post made me laugh - AGAIN!!!
I will be in town at that time. Our son is getting married in November so we are not going too far this fall. I will look forward to making a drive south to Colorado Springs to see you!!!


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