RECIPE: looking for: venetian style pistachio cake

sorrisoMarch 8, 2011

Husband and I had the extreme pleasure of three nights in Venice a couple of years ago. One day when strolling near our B&B he purchased a slice of pistachio cake which I didn't think I'd love (why not, I love pistachios but if it's not chocolate I can be a pain) but it was HEAVEN!

About a year ago I spent some time looking for a recipe and finally made this one:

It was very close but not quite right...can't really recall now why I thought that.

But it was not like this...this one looks dry:

Searching briefly again tonight I see several posts on Venetian pistachio cake and several who have searched in vain so I turn to you, what have you got?

Thank you!

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I spent a week in Venice a few years back....never had a pistachio cake.
But I suspect it's not "Venetian" but just a speciality of the baker.
Now a bellini or a Venetian style lasagna, that's something different.

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try this link....there are a couple recipes

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I'm back searching again and how funny is it that my initial post from two years ago is the number one return in my Google search?!

Lindac: we did see the cake featured in several shops on the Strada Nuova. Who knows, it might not just have been available in Venice but that's where we found it.

I'm going to make pistachio pesto tomorrow with an overflow of basil tomorrow which got me thinking about that cake again.

msprettyky: thank you for the link

Here is a link that might be useful: pistachio cake

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I googled Venetian Pistachio Cake and found a link on Trip Advisor. Note that there is one dead link, but the 2nd link a little farther down was good. I would post it, but it wouldn't let me. It sounds as if they ate at the same place as you.

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Here's the TripAdvisor post:
Post #19 in the thread is the most informative but you should read the whole thread to see how they arrived at this recipe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Venetian Pistachio Cake

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