LOOKING for: Eggs: Sink or Float if Ok?

suziequeMarch 31, 2007

Hi - I neglected to check the date on my eggs before I went shopping. I'm making a Cream Cheese Pumpkin Pie. There's one egg in the cream cheese layer and 2 eggs in the pumpkin layer.

The pie will be baked for 45 mins. at 400 and 15 mins. at 350. Store refrigerated.

My eggs are "best if used before 2/27". Ugh ... I know, I know.

Somewhere I heard that if an egg floats in a glass of water it's not ok ... or the other way around. These sink and hover just slightly over the bottom of the glass.

What do you think?


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Suzie they should be just fine.

An egg floats when it is old and air has entered.

It sinks to the bottom of the glass because it's heavier, there's no air inside, and it's a fresher egg.


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Thanks, Sharon! That's exactly the answer I was hoping for.


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CA Kate

When my mother was a wee girl they didn't have refrigeration as we know it. And, the hen wouldn't lay in the cold. Soooo.... they would store the eggs in barrels in the cool cellar in something... I think "isinglass"??? . I guess eggs can keep a really long time if properly stored.

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And I know lots of farmers that had free range chickens back in the 40's. When they would find an egg that they weren't sure about the freshness, they would put it into a tall glass of water. If it floated, it was thrown away.

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There's another way to tell if an egg is fresh, too. A fresh egg will have a rough, chalky feel to the shell, a stale egg has a smooth shell.

Also, a stale egg will 'rattle' when shaken. A fresh egg won't. (Hold it to your ear while shaking - there's no mistaking it.)

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