Decorative front door flags

susandail_mMay 5, 2014

Are these flags, which were so popular "back in the day" still popular?

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I just bought a new garden flag to hang at the entrance to our front walkway yesterday. Flags, whether hung on the house, or in the garden are a nice way to welcome people. Our house has little/no visibility from the street, so I always change the walkway flag seasonally.

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This year I hung solar lanterns from my mini flag stands, giving the flags a year off. I like it! I think I was the last holdout in the neighborhood, which this time of year and in the fall leans toward college flags.

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I was just walking around my 'hood and noticed many so they are still popular here. It was a mix of the small ones in gardens and full sized on flagpoles on porches.

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Not so much where I live. I just think it's a personal preference. Anything can be nice if you like it and it's not overdone.

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When we moved from New Jersey in 2006, it seemed like every home still had a flag hung at the front entrance. We have recently moved back to the East Coast and I don't see many at all. We are in Maryland, outside DC. Maybe it's a regional thing. I'll keep checking the neighborhoods as I travel around our new area.

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Elraes Miller

As a military town, we have many American Flags. Mine is for my two Army guys. I have a motion light that comes on at night. Garden flags are all over the place to buy, but am seeing far less of them being used.

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After several years without one; we've gone back to putting out a garden flag. I guess we missed it. I think the key is not to feel you HAVE to have a flag outside. Some were just silly and the whole thing got a bit overdone.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I think it's a trend that's been waning for awhile. A lot depends on the style of the house...some are more appropriate for a colorful flag than others....

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I really don't care if it's popular or not, I like flags and have used them for years. I have a large one out front and a garden flag in a landscaped area out back.


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There isn't a single decorative flag in my small neighborhood in MD, outside of DC, but three houses (mine included) display the US flag year-round, and several more display it around patriotic holidays.

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