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strayerdarbApril 23, 2013

Hello, here are my 2 current options for my kitchen layout. The reason there are 2 is because I am struggling with the microwave placement. I like cheap MWs that are easily replaced, not built in or drawer style. So I really only need a spot for it and to pkug it in. Right now it is above a set of double ovens and that is too high up. In the remodel, I could put it in the island, but it would still have to be a standard MW, requiring leaning down, etc. With that arrangement, I can have 30" double ovens and a separate 36" induction cooktop, an arrangement that I really like. If we decide not to put the MW in the island, then I think it could go above 1 wall oven. And then I would have to choose a range (can't find a 36" induction range) to get the second oven or do an induction cooktop over wall oven in the spot where a range would go, or choose a duel fuel range and stay with gas in order to get the larger cooktop surface.

We are not moving any walls. I drew these on powerpoint. Note where the windows and doors are at the bottom of the page going out to the patio. And the most used traffic path is from the front side door (upper left) or from the stairs into the kitchen. The family room area is to the left of the page. And the people entering the kitchen from the living room or garage are towards the top right of the page.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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First, a process suggestion:

Add the two layouts as separate replies within this thread. Don't have them in individual threads, it's too hard to compare them. Then go to the other threads and link to this and request replies here.

Just slightly change the "subject of posting" box above (add a couple commas, or dots, slashes, etc.) for each successive diagram's reply (post) in this thread. It will work just like different people can add pictures in each of their replies.

(You can, if you're using a picture hosting site do this simply by putting multiple images within one post, but it works the way I suggested above, as well.)

That will make it easier to get useful comments.

I'll check back later.

Is the island's shape and position set in stone?. It's kind of a problem as it is drawn now, but if it can't changed, the n other solutions can be tried.



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layout option 1

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Layout option 2

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The island is not set in stone. But it is in the same place as currently. There is a peninsula currently which forces me to have a weird shaped and smaller island and poor storage in there. So I am wanting to elimintate the penninsula and get a more ractangular shaped island, clipping the corner. But it is by no means set in stone. We are going to have to do wood floor repairs anyway, so it can change.

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