Next step - Choosing Backsplash

watercoloristApril 21, 2013

Yikes! I know kitchen renovations can be stressful and I know it will be better in the end without a stove that is duck-taped together :) but oh, how I wish this project already complete.

I am renovating my kitchen with Classic white cabinetry (recessed panel door with pewter glaze accent) and Millenium Cream granite for penisula & countertops. See picture below. I am thinking about a glazed, crackled biscuit color subway tile, 3 x 6, for the backsplash. I found this tiny gray granite that might be useful to incorporate in the backsplash. The kitchen is not large and I am looking to keep things light and bright. Would love to know what backsplashes others have put with these combinations of granite and cabinetry. The granite has tones of gray, cream, brown and the tiniest hue of peach in it.

Does anyone know of a place to purchase crackled, glazed tile at a reasonable price?


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I love that mosaic - what is it? it looks like wooden beige marble.

regarding prices - I say find what you like first. BS is generally a pretty small area and it's so hard to find the perfect one.

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Phylhl, I agree with you about making sure. In fact, my fabricator suggested I wait to order backsplash materials until the counters are installed.

I think the grey "mosaic" is a type of marble or granite, although I am not 100% certain. I liked it because it looks like driftwood which is representative of the beach location of the house.

I would love to see pictures of a BS arrangements using subway tiles and small squares of another tile.

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The phrase "reasonable price" will mean different things to different people. Please specify a budget in $/sf.

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EAM44, one place quoted $25.00 per square foot plus $125.00 shipping. Can I do better?

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Which region of the country do you live?
Have you tried to find it locally to save shipping?
I used a crema crackle tile - I could find it on both coasts but not the Midwest - but ended up ordering since it still was a reasonable tile when I amoritized shipping.
That mosaic is pretty. I remember seeing some crackle tiles that leaned a bit more gray than cream but don't remember the names

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A2gemini, I live in the northeast. I would like to save the shipping cost. The crackle tile I found was handmade in CA, thus the high shipping cost. I like your thoughts about the crackle tile "leaning a bit more grey." Nice call!

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