Need Help with Sage Green Paint Color

sameboatMay 3, 2009

I recently painted my dining room Behr Mountain Haze and it seemed the perfect gray/green sage color I was looking for...until we got it on the wall. It looks mint to me. I picked out curtains that seemed to match the color exactly but they only intensify the mint color of Mountain Haze. I am beside myself because DH doesn't want to repaint and I'll have to do it myself. What is a nice pale sage that will go with my curtains and not be minty? I just hate it. The color chip looked perfect but the room does not get much light and the color changes with each part of the day. Sometimes it looks okay and sometimes it's just gross. It's just not the look I was going for!

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You need a sage that has more yellow in it. Look at SW Grassland or Svelte Sage, for example. I also like Clary Sage, but that has a little more blue in it than the others I mentioned. It's still not minty, though.

I empathize with your disappointment. We've all been there. It's worth the effort to get something you'll be happy with.

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Thank you - I will look into those colors! Mountain Haze looked so perfectly gray/green to me. :

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You might also look at Ben Moore Cheyenne Green, or if that's too dark, one of the lighter options on the same strip. It's a gray/green sage in my kitchen.

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I just used BM Nantucket Gray in my recently remodeled kitchen. It's very similar to Svelte Sage with just a touch more olive. It's very liveable, definitely a soft grayed green but never looks minty or pastel. There's not much wall space in this photo, but it has the best color rendering.

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oooh equest - that IS the green I am looking for! Very pretty.

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I have BM Flowering Herbs in my kitchen. A very pretty sage green. I have BM Baby Turtle in my adjacent Family Room it is one shade below it on the paint strip but definitely darker.

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2014: For anyone who reads this for, I'm sure the original poster has moved on from this issue, but it helped me! The original post complained that Behr's Mountain Haze is too gray and dull. I was going to use Mountain Haze but decided to do more research. Behr has a few other pale sagey colors: Cilantro Cream, and Pale Sagebrush. I did samples of each color on the bedroom walls. I decided that Mountain Haze was less sagey than I wanted. Cilantro Cream is in a coordinated palette with Ultra Pure White, so I decided to use this for walls and trim. Pale Sagebrush is pretty too, if you want just a little less yellow. Always remember - the color may look different on your walls, in your room, depending on lighting and flooring and other items and colors in the room. Ultimately I needed a slightly stronger color to carry the dark furniture in the room and Cilantro Cream fit the bill.

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I was the original poster. I have moved on, but just wanted to clarify for anyone considering Mountain Mist by Behr that it is not gray and dull, but more mint than sage.

I've actually kept it and am glad I did. Changing out the curtains to a solid cream silk did wonders for my dining room. The room does not get much light, so this color brightens up my room!

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Oops! I meant Mountain Haze!

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I bet it looks great with cream drapes! I like the color.

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