LOOKING for: Eye Round Pot Roast??

oceanbabyMarch 2, 2009

Married 35 years and still not a good cook.I bought a 3 pound eye round roast by mistake instead of chuck/rump/bottom round. Guess I was dreaming! Is there any way I can turn it into a pot roast??

If not, what would be an easy recipe as it's starting to get freezer burn.


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I have never made an eye round as a pot roast, but I think some others have and will likely post. This is what I have done, thank you Sol!


Here's the way I prepare my roast. It's foolproof and really simple, but it's absolutely wonderful.

3 lb. eye of round roast
2-3 Tb. olive oil
3 Tb. coarsely cracked pepper

Preheat oven to 325°F. Coat the roast with the olive oil, and roll in the cracked pepper. Roast for about 60 minutes for rare. Transfer to a serving platter, allowing it to rest for at least 30 minutes before slicing.


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Sol's roast sounds great! To put an eye of round into a pot and make pot roast of it seems almost sinful!
I usually rub the roast well with olive oil then rub finely ground sage and a little white pepper into it, and roast it at 325 at 20 minutes per pound. This gives medium rare. If you want it more well-done, roast at 25 minutes per pound.
If you want, you can stick peeled, halved potatoes and peeled, small carrots in the pan for the last hour.

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