Update on sewing tables

grammypJune 23, 2013

Despite his best efforts, the top of the table is not quite smooth enough for the fabric to slide easily across it. The nice coat of wax hasn't helped, so this week DH will be working on another solution. I suggested running them through a planer and add some Formica. I'll post pictures when he solves the problem.


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We had some leftover lino flooring which I double-faced taped to my table top. Nice and smooth.

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I'm following your train of thought and suggest gluing kitchen counter-top material. That should work well.

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Whatever works!


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What about that thick polyurethane that is used on boats? Several coats of that would completely seal the wood finish and make it smooth as glass.


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He thought about the polyurethane, but it has to dry so long between coats. I thought about the Formica, but the flooring is also a good idea. Think I'll price them both.


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