Painters hard at work-- and I am THRILLED

funkyartMay 4, 2013

For those who remember, I had my soon to be new house painted a little more than 2 months ago. I fell in love with the BM Anjou Pear that was to be on an accent wall-- and painted the entire kitchen and dining area Anjou Pear. I was less than thrilled with the BM Elemental in the living room and hall. It's a nice enough color but it did nothing for my house. I'd consulted here for a color that would coordinate with the Anjou Pear and replace the BM Elemental.

Long story short-- with the encouragement of two friends, the painters are carrying the Anjou Pear throughout. I was a little concerned that it would be too intense.. too yellow.. too young.. but OMG I LOVE IT! It was the perfect choice. The house just opened up and came alive with it.It is a funky chartreuse in the sun and a rich glowy gold in low light but it all works.

In the next few months, I may very well do one accent wall but I am going to wait until I move in and update furniture before I commit to it.

Also painted the master bedroom in gray owl-- it looks lovely, fresh and serene-- just as I wanted. I'll add some drama when I paint the bath dark gray.

Thank you all for your help over my months of agonizing over paint.. and a special shout out to Beekeeperswife who gave me the nudge (kick in the pants!) I needed to move forward!

(I'll share pics later tonight.. in the meantime, here is the BM elemental before repainting. It's a nice color-- but was blah in my house)

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Can't wait to see the new happy color.

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I am disappointed that the nuances of the paint color don't come through all that well in my photos. It doesn't read quite so yellow in the room.. the best I can describe it is a mustardy chartreuse but there's no actual green in the mix.

Excuse all the mess.. it IS a mess there so no great styled photos lol. The painting is done (for now) so next I'll clear out and prepare to have the floors done.

I will either paint or redo the whole fireplace and as I mentioned, I may make this an accent color but not until I've moved in.

and a peek at the anjou pear from inside the gray owl bedroom

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Beautiful and exciting! I think you will be very happy with it! It took guts.

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I love it! You are right, it makes it look ALIVE, but actually looks less intense than it does on the paint chip. How is that even possible? What accent color are you thinking? I am currently obsessed with eggplant and think it would be a nice complementary color.

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It must be a difficult color to describe and use from the chip. I was considering it to use at our lake condo and it just looked too muddy for what I was wanting so I chickened out, lol! You described it best - mustardy chartreuse. It looks so bright in your photos. Glad you like it.

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That is so refreshing from the gray! Good move! It will be a very cheerful space1

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Kelly, I'd say that there is some intensity to it-- but also a cheery playfulness that balances it. I suspect the swirled ceilings add some levity too. I didnt expect to love it when I first picked up a sample-- but I just knew with the first swatch that it was perfect. As I've been saying, the house chose this color.. it just loves it. I have a great purple picked out for somewhere (bathroom?) but I am seriously considering a turquoise for the accent wall... the ceiling swirls are here to stay so I think I need a color that works well with that retro vibe. We'll see. I will be doing something with the fireplace so that's the time to settle on the wall color.

Outside, yes, it is muddy in the shadows but perks right up in the sunlight. I think that's part of why I like it-- I feared it would be too much for a quiet evening but the energy really tones down in the shadows. It glows in low light.

Thank you, anitamo, bees & snookums! I know I sound giddy- and I am. It is going to fit my lifestyle well.. and this paint more than anything else has transformed the house from my grandparents' house to my own.

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Wow! The yellow color brings your rooms alive! The swirly ceiling goes great with it.

I agree that something needs to be done about the fireplace. The wood trim clashes with the wall color. Not sure about the brick but it might be helped by changing the wood trim. The brick color is fairly neutral to me.

About the hallway: does Anjou Pear look good in a dark space? I'm trying to decide on a color that would brighten up the room I'm redoing in my home - the "back" room that I described in my post awhile ago. It doesn't get much daylight because of the 2nd story deck above the window, but it also faces South and gets some sunrays from Southeast in the morning.

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Yay, looks fabulous, and I love the swirled ceiling!

I would leave the brick as is on the fireplace but maybe repaint the wood or look at a different mantle.

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Lana, i love the AP in the dark corners and hallway but I am not sure I'd use it in an office. I know I'd want something with a little more brightness if i had low light in my office-- but I guess it may depend on what you do in your office. Yes, the AP comes alive in sunlight but it is very subdued and mustardy in without natural light.

I won't be keeping the fireplace brick or mantel as is-- but I am not ready to jump on a new design. We talked last night about making the FP look more mid century. Not sure I am ready to commit down that path but as the bf said, the swirly ceiling is there to stay so we should consider embracing it in the overall design. I think the retro edge of the AP did a lot to bring the ceiling into the room design. The question is how far to take it.
I think I need to move in before I'll know for sure.

We've talked built ins-- which lean away from mid century and I've saved a link to an awesome organic planked wall above the fireplace which could tend more in that direction. I just don't want to start down a path before I have a full plan. I am starting a pinterest board just for the fireplace.. feel free to share your ideas!

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Looks beautiful!
I thought Anjou Pear was a Sherwin Williams color?

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Thanks, Sonicmom! SW does have an anjou pear too. It is much more peachy than the BM. This is an Affinity color .. it's next to Wasabi in the fan deck. Wasabi was my first choice but it looked like dayglo bile in my house.. Anjou Pear is a step or two less intense than the Wasabi and leans more yellow-gold.

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My goal is to integrate some mid century lines and elements without it looking like a Disneyworld caricature of mid century design. I think color goes a long way in this direction so a retro blue turquoise will definitely be one of my accent colors. I will start with my dark brown leather furniture-- it's too heavy for the room but I had to make a big budget decision-- replace furniture or refinish the floors. The practicality of refinishing the floors while the house is empty won. I admit that I have second guessed my decision a few times but I am never going to be keen on moving everything out to do the floors... so like it or not, I have to stick with the floors.

I am watching CL for a great chair or something to meaningfully and purposefully bring in the mid century vibe to the contents of the room but havent as yet found the right thing in my price range. The search will continue.

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Thanks a lot for your answer! I'll keep AP on my list but will also look at other shades of yellow.

The truth is that low daylight can be an advantage sometimes. Although I like working at the large table in our bright dining room, my laptop screen is often too dim there. I even end up drawing the curtains to be able to see the screen on a sunny day!

Here are two books by the same author, Michelle Gingeri-Brown, that show some great examples of MCM style remodels:

Atomic Ranch: Midcentury Interiors;
Atomic Ranch: Ideas for Stylish Ranch Homes

I think the author does a good job showing how retro details could be blended with modern looks. I borrowed the books from our local library. Maybe the library in your area has them too.

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Lana, definitely give AP a try.. it's not a dark color by any means.

Thanks for the book titles. I'll check them out-- I am sure there will be some ideas to glean from them. However, the house is by no means atomic. In fact, it's pretty generic mid century.

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This photo may give you a better idea of the color in low light.. as someone above mentioned, it gets muddy. Still a nice color, but it doesn't have the edge that it does in natural light.

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Thanks for the additional photo! AP seems to have a nice cozy and warm feel in the picture. Even a little Art Deco flair if paired with my dark stained wood cabinets and trim. Right now my room has white walls. They look so blah and the cabinets are like Darth Vader monsters. I hope a right shade of yellow would warm up the room and soften the dark wood.

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Funky, I am not only thrilled for you, but I LOVE your choices! It is just gorgeous. And, is it me, or are those ceilings also singing praises for what you've picked? They are in perfect harmony. I think they really bring out what your grandfather did . . .the ceilings really have a place of honor!

Re: built-ins not MCM? You mean the style you are picking or in general? I have seen both in person and on Houzz (same floor plan!) ONE built-in bookcase, to the right of the FP. Not sure if that counts . . .but it was done at least occasionally. I think you can make them feel MCM, depending on how you do it. I am always a sucker for bookcases, but built-ins esp!

Congrats . . .you've won the battle of paint . . .oh, dreaded paint! People say it's so "easy" to repaint, but geesh, not for me! It always gets vetoed around here. (I am living with my less-than-perfect brown!)

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Love the new color so much happier than the first. The first one felt sad. Can't wait to see your finishing touches.

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Thank you, Anele and CLBlakey! The first color *was* sad, wasn't it. In fact, I explained my need to repaint by making sad faces in the living room and taking a step into the dining area and making a happy face lol!

Anele, the ceilings really do love the paint. I know it's not a color for all people or all houses -- but I think it's perfect for this house (my ex saw a photo and said he hated the color lol.. of course, who cares? he's the ex!)

I am still considering built ins but just not sure which direction to go with them yet-- plus there's the issue of the baseboard heating.

Anele, I am sorry that you aren't happy with your paint colors-- just the LR or the DR too? Have you shared photos? Maybe you should try the happy face/sad face thing --- "when momma's happy, everyone's happy!"

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I meant to add that the floor guy called and is going to push up his start date-- he's starting THIS THURSDAY!

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A few photos for some inspiration with built-ins. They're from the real estate listing for my in-laws' house. Our family sold it after my MIL moved to an assisted care center.

The house was built in 1952 and the built-ins were original. It had lots of beautiful high quality wood paneling and lots of built-ins - in the DR, LR, den, hallways and bedrooms. Note the cupboard drawers, closet drawers and bookcase doors. A fine example of the MCM style.

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Those are lovely, lana-- really nice wood grain and mid century styling. The space for built-ins here is pretty narrow and more importantly, for budget reasons, I think I'd need to stick to painted shelving. It's something to consider though.

While my mind wanders to new projects lol-- I am pretty focused on the walls and floors for right now-- and basic WT (I don't want to go too far until I have my furniture in-- and the style starts developing)

Thanks for all your suggestions and photos!

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