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browneyes776April 24, 2014

So, I'm almost finished - maybe not with the work but with the decision making. EXCEPT I've got a wee backspash issue. Wee, because it's only 5 3/8 inches high. And it's only 76 inches long. This is over the range and between the counter and breakfast bar.

I'm open to all kinds of ideas for filling this space. I'd like to skew more traditional though. Traditional subways won't fit but I've got Grazia's subways (2.5x5) in the lineup. Unfortunately the Mandorla reads as too beige against the counter so I'm looking at the variations on white.

The rest of the kitchen: all white! White cabinets and walls. Shiplap (actually tonge and groove) throughout the kitchen. The floors are rift and quarter sawn red oak with natural finish. The coutertops and white macaubas that's vein cut. Hardware is polished nickel.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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It would be great if you could post an image and a budget in $/sf, even for this tiny space. For instructions on posting an image read the stickie at the top of the forum. I think choosing a 2.5" tall tile for a 5 3/8" space is not your best option. Consider smaller format subway mosaics.

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I'm not sure how I feel about posting a picture so that's why I haven't, sorry!

Thank you for your suggestions. I've looked at smaller subways, 1x6 from walker zanger but I'm worried it'll seem a bit too busy. I'm not sure though. It's also so linear in the kitchen with the shiplap walls that I'm wondering if I need to do something different.

For budget I'd probably like to be under $50/sf. I could stretch a little though if I found something amazing. I also realize that I could do much cheaper.

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Here's one of my inspiration photos - mine is not this large or fancy but gives you an idea of the style:

Beach Style Kitchen by Charleston Cabinets & Cabinetry K & K Custom Cabinets LLC

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I like how this kitchen combined a curvilinear shape with their shiplap. While I like this I'm a little afraid about it being too trendy and also about the difficulty of installing it myself.

Transitional Kitchen by Charleston Photographers William Quarles Design/Photography

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How do you feel about white penny round tile?

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crl_ that's an interesting idea. I should get a sample. I think I'm terrified of grout but it'd be worth seeing it in the space.

You also remind me that I've seen a quarter and penny round combo that could be very pretty.

My initial choice was MOP but I think it's too much. I kind of wish I could find a MOP blend. I'm still worried it's too blingy and trendy,

Sometimes it's hard to go with plain when everything else is plain but it might be odd to have such a tiny space screaming for attention too. Ah, I see why this takes people so long now!

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I also have a similar backsplash of 5-5/8"high, and rather than introduce another material, I decided to use the countertop material. Just another idea for you...

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Ooh, that is so pretty! Especially with that vein! Ah!

My stone has a mitered edge and also a mitered edge on the bar top like where you have your gorgeous wood. If I'd thought I was going to do the shiplap when I started with the counters I might have thought to go your route. Alas, I didn't plan it all out it just evolved.

It does make me wonder though. I've also been thinking about doing something with calcatta gold which I find has the same colors. Also, I got a sample of imperial danby and wonder if it could work. I find so many of the tiles to feel harsh but find the stone to look softer. Maybe that sounds crazy..

Your stone is just gorgeous!

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