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wifetojoeiiiMay 9, 2013

Hi there - I do not post questions very often but I thought the crowd here would have a good response. My very dear Step daughter just had a baby son. My DH has 3 additional GK - they are my Step GKs. The 3 older Step grands call me by my first name - which is fine by me. My step D asked me if I wanted to have a different "title" - more grandma-like. I do not have any grands of my own...yet & probably for not the next 8-10 yrs. I suggested that the baby "name" me & I would go by my first name until he names me.

Can you give me any guidance?

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Why, yes I can!

I'm step grandma to three. My stepson asked me what I wanted to be called, since they have a multiplicity of grandparents. I suggested GrandMary, and it works perfectly for us.

Babies might well try to name you, but if you continue to say "Come to ____, or whatever, they will catch on and use at least a variation of that. So name yourself, and use it with the baby.

After all, it's how a baby learns "mama", "dada", etc. It's because the name is used!

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My kids call my step-mother "Grandma plus her first name." My mother is also called"Grandma plus her first name," My mil chose to go by "Granny" so she is "Granny plus her first name.

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Do you have a problem if the child calls you Grandma? We also do the first name (or a last name) addition to keep it clear which grandma is which.


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My step children's children call me Grammie, their father's mother Nona, and their mom's mother Grandma Lastname. They call my mother Grannie Annie. We called my own grandmother Nana, and I loved her so much I sometimes wish I had chosen that name. But there is nothing like the sounds of their voices saying "Grammie." I think your stepdaughter was sweet to ask you. I would definitely urge you to pick a grandmother like name. I think she is honoring your relationship.

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When my first grand came to live with me at 6 mos. old.... I was too young to be a Grandma anything.... wife of the Capt. on a very small Military base with all those younsters around..... so I called myself Nanny. (happen to be in Scotland.... so Nannies seemed a good name). Now that the grands are all in their 20's, I am thinking that I need to go back to my OWN name.... that grandson is 37 and just had his first child, our Great Grand# 1. (BTW she is adorable, but will not be living close and I will be Nanny to her....also, I really loved being a Nanny to all my grands and their friends.).

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My friend, a wonderful step grandmother, did not want to 'step' on the toes of the other grandmothers by using a name too much like a grandma, nana, gram, etc might use.

she is Mimi, to her steps...fits perfectly.


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My grandson has a sister, by marriage of his mother to another man.

His little sister adores me and I suggested she call me Ms G. She loves that.

My son and his wife, have two foster young teens, nieces of his wife, and they call me Ms G as well.

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My DH, who is a step dad, granddad. The grands call him Tommy Dad, his first name and dad. They call me KK, my name is Karen. Just let them name you .

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I REALLY appreciate the responses! Ideally my own daughter's kids could name me first but that is a LONG way off if at all!

Pam25_f - yes my step daughter was wonderfully sweet to ask me. I cannot be called Grandma or Gramma, even with my first name - it would step on the toes of my step D's mother (my DH's ex) and she has VERY sensitive toes...

My MIL (great grandmother) is Nana, the ex is Grandma & and the other grandmother is Noni.

I like Nanny & maybe Granny; & trixietx - my name is Karen too & I like KK also.

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It was sweet of your stepdaughter to ask. It is clear she wants you to be an important part in her childs life. Pick a name and tell her. I am Mamaw to mine and the other grandma is Grammy. Grandchildren are wonderful.

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I am called Nana by both my step and my daughter's children. My own mother was also called Nana and it makes it very simple.

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Memaw is also used by some - I am Grandma Bonnie to my step grands and Grandma by my own.

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Several of my Grands were already of an age where they knew me as Ruthie when I married their Papa (but I had also been around for a number of years) and they already had a Nana so they continued to call me Ruthie and it was so cute it never bothered anyone, especially me...It was rather special to me...They knew I was the other Grandmother and introduced me as such...even as a 4 year I think they will call you really what ever they feel comfortable with...They were used to hearing me called Ruthie and that is what they felt comfortable calling me...

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Unless two grandmothers have the same given name, can't each be "Grandma (Given Name)". It's what we called our DS's grandmothers. I think there was more formality in earlier times. My grandmothers were "Grandma (Surname)". Using given names eliminates the confusion in a re-marriage situation.

Our DIL's family is of Polish origin so I am "Grandma", and DIL's mom is "Busia".

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I'm Mimi to my step-grands and grandson, too. Katie named me when she was about 16 months old and bumped her head trying to kiss herself in my mirrored coffee table :-) I did something to make her laugh and she thought it was so funny, she started saying, "Oooh Mimi, Oooh Mimi!" I just love it.

I didn't want to step on toes, either.

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I'm Grandma2, meaning Grandma too since my grandkids have two grandmas. I'm GiGi (for GreatGrandma) to my greatgrandkids.

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