LOOKING for: Papas Fritas

calilooMarch 22, 2006

Does anyone know of a recipe for Papas Fritas (I've googled) where the potatoes end up like a little balloon?

I had a recipe several years ago but that was before several moves (and purges). From what I can recall, the potatoes are sliced about 1/8 inch thick, deep fried for just a few seconds at about 375F, cooled, then refried at a much higher temp. During the second frying the potato poufs into a round bite of deliciousness.

The resulting potato ends up with an air pocket inside and a salty crunchy outside like a crispy potato balloon.

They were absolutely amazing and one of the things I ate with every meal in BA.

Are you familiar with anything like that?


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Where's BA?

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You described almost the same technique as below but they soaked the potatoes a long time before frying.

Here is a link that might be useful: Potatoes

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Buenos Aires - sorry :-)

Yes - that is the technique. I had forgotten the soaking part. I do remember in the original recipe that the second frying was at a much hotter temp. Any guesses what they mean by "boiling lard" which sounds just a little scary to me LOL!

And thanks Ginger - I knew if anyone could find this you could!


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I think I found the technique!

Also known as soufflé potatoes , these crisp potato puffs are the result of deep-frying thinly sliced potatoes twice. The first time the potatoes are fried in 300°F oil. After cooling, they're fried in 375°F oil until they inflate and turn golden brown.

Thanks for the tips Ginger - I managed to find them!


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Good! They sound great. I bet the lard helps make them taste good too. Boiling lard sounds pretty frightening to me too. I wish I'd kept my old Fry Daddy.

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