LOOKING for: Your Favorite Tripe Recipe

donna_loomisMarch 14, 2008

Please, no cracks about how nasty the stuff is. I happen to love it, but I'm looking for something different than menudo to make with it. Many years ago I knew someone who made a stew with it, but I never found out the particulars. Do any of you have any T&T recipes to share with me? Thanks.

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I grew up eating fried tripe for breakfast and it is great. My mother would get a can or pickled tripe at the grocery store, cut in in smaller pieces, dip it in a thick flour/buttermilk batter and fry in a black cast iron pan in either Crisco or lard. I haven't had any luck finding any lately but know that I could find it in a smaller town.(Outside of Atlanta)

It is pickled in a vinegar based liquid and pre-cooked somewhat. I have seen a recipe for the preparation of pickled tripe on the net on a Cajun cooking site.

Also, you take the left over batter and make pancakes with it. You might have to add a little more flour to get the right thickness. My daughter still talks about how grandma made the best pancakes she ever ate.

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I just looked in my mother's old cookbook (1952) and it has several recipes for tripe. Let me know which ones you'd like and I'd be happy to post them.

- Baked, with bacon
- Boiled
- Fried Pickled
- Fritters
- Patties

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Khandi, I'd love to have the "baked, with bacon" and patties recipes. Thanks!

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