RECIPE: Never having eaten it much, I made my first pizza......

pink_warm_mama_1March 1, 2008

and was surprised at the yummy results! I used a large, heavy cookie sheet (next time I would use two sheets for a thinner dough) and, in an attempt to be fairly healthy, topped the dough with olive oil,carmelized onions, Canadian bacon, black olives, and lots of cheese. Am practicing so I can made pizzas for my grandchildren, but have been told youngsters would not care for most of the above ingredients. Help! Suggestions happily accepted.

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Depending on the age, probably just cheese. You could make one with diced pepperoni or crumbled cooked hamburger. Do yourself a favor and skip the onions, green peppers, and mushrooms on their pizza. Make one for yourself the way you like it and tell them they wouldn't like yours at all. It may make them curious.

More adventurous kids might like diced ham and pineapple chunks on pizza.

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Something that kids love to do is to "decorate" their own pizzas.

Make individual sized pizza dough rounds on cookie sheets, and coat them with a basic tomato sauce (spaghetti sauce in jars is fine)and a layer of shredded cheese.

Then, set them out with bowls of assorted ingredients and let the kids "make" their own pizzas. They will eat things on a pizza they would never normally eat, if they themselves have fashioned the ingredients into a big smiley face, or flowers, or designs like stripes or polka dots.

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