Help with Kitchen Floor!!

pam533April 23, 2013

Hi. I am trying to decide between a dark or light floor for my kitchen. They are both resilient floors (yes, I know, not "in", but it's all I have to choose from). I have posted a photobucket list of pics (lots!). I hope someone out there can give me some advice because I am just completely confused. I live in Seattle and am worried the dark floor will make me suicidal during the dark days. The woman at the flooring store said the dark "could work". She doesn't want to tell me what to do. Hubby wants dark, but he has no taste! Any and all help would be appreciated! My main goal is just to have a "cozy" kitchen. Thank you! I hope these pics work!";

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I actually like the darker one and I don't think it is too dark. I find it warmer and I guess I equate warmth with coziness. I do think the light one also works- honestly I don't think you can go wrong with either. My only possible concern with the lighter one, is that sometimes that shade goes pink. I hate pink. I don't see that happening in your picture, but computer images of color are not accurate. You will have to be the final judge on undertones.
You do seem to have plenty of light in your kitchen, the picture is nice and bright. Can you pinpoint further why you are concerned about the dark color. Where I live in Maine in the winter it is full dark at 3PM so I get the need for light.

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I echo localeater 100%.

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The lighter one seems to be in the same tone as your countertop. That's what it's going to play off the most. I bought a tile with more variation to bring some light into my Portland home.

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I agree that either would look nice in your kitchen. So no need to stress out about it.

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Decide whether you want cozy or airy. Either will work. Of course, online photos colors are not accurate! So with a grain of salt. Watch the undertones.

Does one look less faux tile/stone? Sometimes the way the colors play in a product will make one look a little better than the other.

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Have you looked at Armstrong Alterna tiles? They're a glued-down limestone composite tile with a vinyl surface, and they come in many patterns and colors. We're using them in a guest bath. We were told that every 16th tile repeats, so you can have a more natural looking floor than sheet vinyl. It's groutable too, but you can install them without grout.

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I agree that color wise they both work. But, the darker floor will show the dust more than the light. On the other hand,! The light will show the stains more.

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May_flowers, yeah, looked at Alterna, but my husband insisted if we went that direction, he would put them in himself. He is NOT a do-it-yourselfer and so that really scared me. He will let a vinyl guy do the work (thank heavens!). Localeater, I, too, equate darkness with coziness, but this floor will wrap around to the laundry and bath and I'm worried it might be a bit much. The light one does not seem to have any pink undertones. If anything, I would say they are more grayish. Also, my kitchen is sunny today which is why the pics are so bright. Normally, it's pretty gloomy in here! Thanks everyone! But, more opinions are always welcome. Does anyone else have a dark floor with my reddish maple cupboards?

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Okay, I posted two new pics now the sun has gone down. Still don't think the brown is too dark? Thank you!!!

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I know someone with honey maple cabinets and a similar colored wood floor. I love it. It does have a rug that breaks it up. Are you planning on a rug?

A dark floor will pull a lot of light out of a room. That floor doesn't appear so dark that it will show every crumb. There are lighter colors running through it too.

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I'd go light. I think the dark is very pretty and matches well, but won't do your mental health any favors during a Seattle winter. If you were in a sunnier climate, yes. But not in Seattle.

And I like how the lighter flooring plays off the counter.

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I like the lighter one better - but it might be my monitor.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Both work, but I like the lighter one better as it echos the counter top more...I like it when the floor and the counter go together.....

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the lighter one

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My first thought was to go with the darker, but after seeing the photo that included your table and the whole kitchen, I think the darker would make everything the same color. The lighter still goes with everything and ties together the fridge and range, too. I'm voting light :-) (But you can't go wrong either way.)

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I think both would work with the colors you have in the kitchen, but I prefer the light one. Good luck!

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Initially, I liked the dark, but with no sun I like the lighter better.

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Where are the 2 new pictures? I can't get into the photo bucket link. Can you please post them in the thread? Thanks.

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