Protecting hardwood floors during renovation?

Kristen HallockApril 29, 2013

My oak floors are being refinished this week. The oak is throughout the entire 1st floor (with a few exceptions). My cabinets get delivered next week.

Would you have the cabinets put inside the house? I have an empty dining room i could put them in. Or would you put them in the attached garage? I am thinking the dining room since the laundry room is above the garage and there is always the potential for a leak I guess. Plus we dont have pallets to raise the cabinets off of the garage floor.

Also - what are some tips/tricks to keep your wood floors looking good during a renovation? We were thinking of taping down thick canvas tarps. This is a DIY remodel so there wont be any GC to blame if the floors get scratched.


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I stored my cabs in an attached garage. My cab maker put down large moving blankets on the floor first. My cabs were custom made locally so were not boxed. He laid blankets between cabs also. They were safely stored for 3-4 months that way.

As for protecting the floors, I'll link a thread from late last year on the same topic where my answer can be found. There are other threads with the same discussion if you want to search around.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Kristen Hallock

Thank you. Very helpful!

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