hiding fans on beamed cathedral ceilings?

suz1023May 27, 2012

i took down the eighties hunter fan and replaced it with a gorgeous chandelier in the mstr bdrm and added dark stained beams on the ceiling which is pretty fabulous looking if i do say so myself,lol.

so no way is that fan going back up, but jeepers we need to move the air around in here.

i'd like to search for hidden fans but have no idea how to word it for best results.

any one know?


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Gorgeous chandelier vs. comfort? You should have bought a new fan. I could never sleep in a room without a ceiling fan.

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Other than the Dyson air multiplier, all fans that I know about look like fans. If you don't live in a humid area, you could run the fan of your central air conditioner.

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I live somewhere that ceiling fans are seldom used so I don't know if this would work..but I put a Fantech bathroom fan in my new bath that would suck the fuzz off a peach. It is a very strong motor hidden in the attic space (so it is virtually silent) and it has two fan outlets connected by ductwork, one in the shower and one over the tub. It is a very small grill around a halogen can light (small, maybe 2"? light). It is not noticeable as a fan and if I turn it on, I can feel air being sucked under the bathroom door, a LOT of air. I don't know if air circulation by sucking instead of blowing would work for your purposes, but it would definitely move the hot air off the ceiling. The light and fan operate independently. This is my model and I see they have an add-on so you can have 3 outlets. I chose the halogen because it could be dimmed and was a smaller bulb I think. The premium is rated for a higher cfm. Maybe you could talk to the company and see if they have experience with this kind of application. It is SOOO quiet!

Here is a link that might be useful: Fantech

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They make doorway fans that are attached to a corner of a doorway. I don't know if you could install them on the beams. Nor do I know if they would provide the air circulation that you need, but they are worth a look. The link below is to a sample of a door fan.

Here is a link that might be useful: doorway fan

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somewhere in the past yr I saw a fan over a beautiful chandelier. was on a forum here or maybe direct lighting website.

I couldn't sleep w/o a fan either.

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That is what I would have done, looked for a beautiful lighting addition under the fan blades. Many fans accommodate light fixtures. Paint the fan blades the same as the ceiling. We replaced our ugly chandy over an open staircase with a fan with two lighting options. Crystal above the fan that works as a night light and crystal sconces below. An electrician can retro fit about any lighting option onto a fan. I am inclined to celebrate the fan blades and find those large wood leaf cut looking ones. If I could convince myself that they go with any style I would have them installed tomorrow!! In a private space like a bedroom, FOR SURE I would GO FOR IT!

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An exhaust fan would not be a good solution.
Exhaust fans like a bathroom or kitchen fan remove air from the space. In your case, you don't want to expel conditioned air to the outside.

A ceiling fan or other blower fans create air circulation in the space. Moving air against your skin causes you to feel cooler. And moving the air around in a room prevents temperature stratification, with hot air rising and cold air falling in the room.

You can do a search for "wall fan" and find some options.

Or try as suggested above to set your AC blower so the fan runs continually when you are sleeping.

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What about a floor fan? They make really nice fans now that look great in rooms.

My bedroom ceiling is too low for a fan, so we use a tabletop fan. Can't live without it!

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lol, the chandy gives me such pleasure i'll probably be buried with it!
so for fans i'm thinking of those little doorway fans positioned maybe even on all four corners to blow into the peak of the ceiling. just moving the air will force some down, and i have no issues with a standing or table fan eihter. we really only need it a few nights out of the year, but when we need it we really need it.

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We are looking for the ideal fan solution too. Look at floor fans, wall fans, table fans (including little desk fans on a nightstand or more decorative options) and there are some ceiling fans that can mount in corners.

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