RECIPE: orange chicken with noodles

Maggie4March 8, 2009

Spent the weekend at "the mall" this is the answer we received from all the young girls at the Basket Ball tournament this weekend when we asked where to go and a good place to eat. So we went. Busy, busy, busy , but fun.

We ate Chinese orange chicken with noodles. Loved it and now we were wondering if anyone knows how to make this. I can buy frozen orange chicken but the noodles I haven't found. They looked like our spaghetti but with small slivers of cabbage, carrots, onion. what is the sauce that they cook it in? It looks to have soy in it but just wondering if anyone has ever tried making it at home.

Any Ideas

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Maybe you could tinker around with the recipe below? It sounds good but don't know if it's the same as what you're looking for. Check the reviews as well for options. It has a sauce so you could add noodles.

Here is a link that might be useful: Asian Orange Chicken

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Thanks Ginger - I have tried and it is okay but not what we had. I know it has to do with the soy, ginger, ect. I just don't have it right yet. I'll try yours later. Your picture does look like what we had. You had choice between rice or noodles. Everyone was taking the noodles,
Thanks for the reply.

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Post back how it turned out. It looks like something I'd like.

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Wow - 351 reviews for this recipe! I think I'm going to copy some of these reviews (after I've finished reading them all!), and maybe give it a try one of these days. I just checked a cookbook out of the library today and was surprised to see "reviews and tips" alongside many of the recipes. As it turns out, this book is from Allrecipes. I really enjoy reading the reviews at the different recipe websites & find them very helpful. Ann

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