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minniemomMarch 14, 2008

Hi everyone. Visiting from the home decorating forum.

This is the first St. Patty's day that I am spending away from my parents in NY and wanted to carry on the tradition of corned beef and cabbage for my children. Can anyone share thier recipes. Thanks

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No "recipe".
But a slab of corned beef of the size to feed your family...remember leftovers are good.
Take it out of the plastic, sace the spice packet, rinse the meat off in the sink and put it into a heavy pot with a good lid...a dutch oven is good.
Into the pot put either 2 or 3 yellow onions peeled and quartered or 5 or 6 small onions peeled. and add enough water to cover, place the lid on the pot.
Bring it to a boil and simmer...very slowly....do not boil hard or your meat will be tough for 1 1/2 hours.
Add 4 to 6 carrots peeled and cut into 4 inch pieces and simmer very slowly another 30 minutes.
Add red potatoes, peeled and cut into halves if they are large or left whole if small.
Simmer about 15 minutes and add
1 small head of cabbage cut into wedges. Cover and simmer until the cabbage is as done as you wish...I like it at 20 to 25 minutes, some people want to cook it longer.
Carefully remove the veggies and potatoes from the pot...and the meat, slice meat against the grain and serve with the veggies and mustard.
Linda C

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My way is a little plainer, but works too.

Put a rinsed corned beef and the spices into the crock pot, fill with water. Cook on low all day. About 45 minutes prior to serving, add sliced cabbage to the meat (you may need to remove some of the water to make room for the cabbage).

Slice meat against the grain and serve with hot pepper vinegar sauce.

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No onion? No carrots? No potato? Just mushy shredded cabbage with the meat?

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Question - why do you rinse the meat?

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I suppose you don't have to....but when you open that cry-o-vac bag to get it out it's covered with a red slimy gel....and I rinse that off.
Save the bag of seasonings and put that into the water you cook it in....and the left over broth from boiling a corned beef makes awesome pea soup...it's salty so I use it half and half with water...but there is still a lot of the corned beef flavor.
Linda C

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I use the crock pot for all day cooking. Rinse the corned beef, throw away the seasoning packet,(we just don't like it) add 2 or 3 yellow onions, potatoes, whole or halved, and carrots. Cover with plenty of water and set temp to low for all day cooking, or high for half day. Half an hour before dinner, ladle out enough broth to cover chopped cabbage in a sauce pan, and cook it until done.
Remove meat from crock pot and let set 10 to 15 minutes before slicing.


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I add a rounded teaspoon of mixed pickling spice to my corned beef along with the little package of spice that is in the bagged corned beef. It is best cooked slow on low heat.

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OK - thanks for the replies. It is cooking as I type. I just lowered the heat to low because I think I was cooking it too high. I hope it's not too tough. I have about another 2 hrs to go. :O

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LOL, yea, just mushy cabbage and meat. Oh, don't forget the pepper sauce (does that count as a vegi).

I've never had vegi's with it. Wonder if that's a regional thing (I grew up in Texas) or just something mom did/didn't do. We hardly ever ate potatos.

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I do almost exactly like linda... except I serve with horseradish not mustard... Yummy. This meal is one of my favorites!

Tried fingerling potatoes this year instead of the red ones; they're pretty good.

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Thank you everyone. Between you, the internet and my dad - it came out great. Not that it is the hardest recipe in the world, but I was making it for the first time and was having about 10 people over as well. Not that they would know the difference - (it was all my husband's family and they are puert rican - so I think it was a first for most, if not all of them except hubby).

I put mustard and horseradish on the table for whoever wanted either. Everyone loved it!

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I'm glad it turned out well for you Minniemom.

I think the carrots and potatoes is a regional thing.

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I just ran across a picture and recipe for corned-beef and cabbage PIE [!] in the 1994 COOKING LIGHT yearbook. It looked divine. If someone can tell me how to copy it to the forum, I will.

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Sometimes I like to take the corned beef out of the water for the last 1/2 hour or so of cooking, put it in a baking pan & top it with a glaze made with my apricot jam and brown sugar. It sort of "firms up" the meat a bit, and the glaze gets sticky and browns a bit. Yum.

I am originally from the East Coast, and wouldn't think of having "boiled dinner" without potatoes, carrots, celery, boilin' onions and cabbage. Some people even add beets, but I haven't tried that...seems like they'd dye everything pink. And I must, must, must have both horseradish sauce and whole grain mustard with "boiled dinner".

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too late for this year...but hint for next time,the secret is the cut of corned beef not the recipe. buy the flat cut and it will turn out great every time. i throw mine in the crock pot w/vegs like potatoes,onions,carrots and cabbage. pour on enough liquid(i use chicken broth) and cook low and slow.great every time

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