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gardenladMarch 29, 2007

Those of us involved with the virtual progressive dinner have just completed a full round of it. We've had a ball, and created some interesting menues along the way.

We've got room for a few more players before starting the next round. So if anyone wants to join in, you're more than welcome.

The way it works is that each week everyone posts a recipe for one category of the meal. The following week they move up a position. For instance, if you made the salad this week, you make the soup next week.

Anywy, just let me know on this thread if you want to join us, and I'll work you in.

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One recipe a week? That's it? I'll play.

(btw...that cheddar sage bread? I made that this weekend. Good stuff. Makes great grilled cheese sandwiches.)

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Welcome, welcome Katiec.

The lineup will be posted on Monday, so watch for it.

We're expecting great things from you. :>)

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I'll play too, if you still have room.


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Hey Gardenlad --

Actually, could you take me out for this cycle? I am getting swamped with work and gardening, and there are just a lot of categories that I don't typically make so I don't really have T&T recipes for...

I may rejoin the next go round...


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Hi Katie and Shelley - I'm sure you'll have fun with the Progressive Dinner parties! The really good part is there's no cleanup afterwards.

Em, I hope you'll come back next time - I promise I won't let Gardenlad give you appetizers :-)

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Are you kidding, Woodie? I was going to give her all the appetisers the first three weeks.

By, Gawd, it's time she learns!!! :>)

Welcome to the dinners, Shelley.

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Tee hee! Very funny gardenlad! Indeed, it is time I learn -- I will have to try to force myself to make one appetizer / first course / nibble each week from this next cycle of recipes...

Guess I'm just a "gimme the main course and lets motor straight on to desert kind of girl!"


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Ummmm...I guess I should ask... Are there rules?

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Rules? Very few.

1. Recipes do not have to be original, but must be T&T.
2. Recipes should be posted by Thursday of each week.

Not a rule, but we fell into a convention of waiting until the entree was posted, and then building the meal around it. Which makes sense, of course. So we'll continue trying to do it that way.

Other than that this is liberty hall. You can spit on the floor and call the cat a bas***d and none will say thee nay.

Two catagories that might need explaning:

1. Cocktails. In this category the accent should be on the drink, as well as the munchie that goes with it. But you want to post both.

2. Coffee &: In this category the focus is on the nosh. If you want to give a recipe for a fancy coffee or tea drink, that's ok. But mostly we want a recipe for a little munch that fills in the corners.

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Glad you're joining Katie and Shelley - this has been fun!
Em - hope you come back eventually, I liked your recipes!

Thanks for clarifying the "rules", GL - I was a little unsure about the cocktail and coffee categories. And geez, now that I know for sure that we can spit on the floor and call the cat a bas***d without getting any grief, it's all the more appealing! :)


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Gardenlad and Woodie -- here's an example of how dire my appetizer ignorance really is... This weekend we had guests over for dinner. Made a delicious special greek salad with shredded romaine, dill, scallions, and feta... Made pasta bolognese with a meat sauce simmered four hours and served over fresh linguini... And do you know what I served for an appetizer? Well, at the time the guests came over my husband was just about to put out a bonfire he had made to burn some deadwood from our property... So the appetizer served immediately prior to the greek salad was -- toasted marshmallows! (Hey, we used trimmings from our apple tree as the sticks, so perhaps that gave them a gourmet smoked applewood sort of flavor! Hah!)

So next time you are reading someone's delicious appetizer recipe from the weekly menu, just think -- it could have been marshmallows!


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I happen to like toasted marshmallows.

Besides which, that sounds like fun!

There's only one person on this list who thinks Emily can't make appetisers, and her name is Fearless Em!

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