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sarahjmMarch 10, 2010

Hello - I'm getting married mid-May of this year. We are having a very small wedding (about 27 people total) with immediate family. I'm trying to keep cost low (daughter's in high school - college to consider soon!) so I'm opting not to have it catered. We have several folks in our family who are wonderful cooks so we're going to make the food. I am thinking we will be eating at about 2PM and I'd like "garden party" themed menu. lighter dishes,

etc. I also have vegitarians to consider...

The issue is that I'm not sure we will have a full kitchen available to us. I do have chafing dishes, etc.

Just wondering if anyone has some menu/recipe ideas that could possibly be made ahead, etc. Any help you can give would be appreciated!

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Your menu also will be influenced by your location and the climate of your area that time of the year. May here in the South can be hot like summer or cool and wet like spring. Will you be inside or outside?

I would suggest foods that hold well in chafing dishes but that aren't too heavy: Dijon Chicken over Rice Pilaff or Chicken Chausseur over Rice with fresh herbs or Shrimp Creole over rice; Roasted Vegetables with Carmelized Onions and Fresh Herbs, Pear Caesar Salad, a platter of assorted cheeses with sliced baguettes and crackers, a platter of fresh fruit, wedding cake and ice cream (for that small number not too hard to do).

When a good friend got married for the second time, they had a pig pickin' (BBQ pork - very casual) after their home garden wedding and instead of wedding cake, we had lots of different kinds of cakes. But that event had a lot more people than yours.

It makes planning easier if you have a theme of sorts: English Garden Party, New Orleans/Seafood fare, Country BBQ, Southern Traditional Foods, etc.

Hope this helps. I can find some recipes if you need.


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I would do a cold meal....salads breads etc.
Not sure if you are thinking of a sort of elegant lunch or if you are thinking of a pig pickin' picnic sort of event.
But chicken salads, pasta salads trays of marinated veggies with maybe a chafer of things like chicken livers and , maybe some meatballs.
But consider a cold menu and using chafers for desserts....things like a bananas Foster sort of sauce for ice cream and hot fudge, or cherries jubilee.
Congratulations....have a wonderful party!
Linda c

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I like Lindac's idea. Platters of fancy sandwiches, a pasta salad and maybe a couple other salads. You could have chicken salad, shrimp salad egg salad and pimento cheese all made into little sandwiches. Chocolate dipped strawberries always go over well.

At that time of day, most people won't expect or want a full sit-down meal. A buffet would work better.

Let us know whatever you decide. I don't post here often but I love to read!! My best wishes for a happy new life for you and your daughter! Enjoy your day.

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Congratulations, Sarah, and many wishes for a long and happy marriage.

I agree, it's going to depend on the weather and the location, but you could go with platters of mixed sandwiches, I've had really good luck with puff pastry made into little "cream puffs" but filled with seafood salad, reuben ingredients, ham salad, chicken salad, etc. You could mix that up with some little croissants or buns with turkey or roast beef and some sweet potato biscuits with a small piece of glazed ham and mustard.

If yuo want to go with hot foods I like Teresa's suggestion of the chicken or shrimp over rice and a fresh fruity salad.

Of course, you have to have dessert, I'm only assuming that will be wedding cake, but it could be anything from brownies to cupcakes. The big traditional fancy cake isn't necessarily a given anymore. Thank goodness, more desserts are way more fun, my daughter is getting married in October and wants a "dessert table".


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

A beef tenderloin served thin, as a carving station, would serve 27 if you have rolls, mustards, horseradish, etc. as accompaniments. It may be served at room temperature and while it is pricey, it goes a long way and everyone loves it.
It is your wedding after all!

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