Small Galley Kitchen layout help

KenS85April 3, 2013

So I'm renovating a basement apartment. I have torn everything down to the studs and now i need some advice on where to put my appliances and what not. The kitchen and living room are one long room for a total of 10" wide and 21" long. So i would like to keep the kitchen as small as possible to allow room for the living room. I've included a rough drawing. Besides the kitchen/living room in the picture, there is a 12x17 bedroom and a small bathroom. Also a couple of random small closets. My idea as you can see in the picture is to maybe put an island/half wall counter top between the kitchen and living room to offer some seating because there will not be room for a kitchen table. Thanks!

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I'm not one of the layout gurus (by a long shot), but I have a small galley - not this small, but the same idea. I have what you're describing, with the sink on one side and the cooktop and fridge at either end of the opposite wall. This layout works for me. I have the DW opposite the cooktop, because they are the least likely to be used at the same time. You could use a 30" induction range, because the ceran top can be used as counter space, and a 24" Liebherr fridge, if those fit in your budget. Use a smaller single bowl sink. Maybe even an 18" dishwasher, if you want a DW. If you want to get really small, you can use just two induction hobs and maybe a speed oven or a single 27" wall oven installed under counter. Depends how much cooking will be going on.

This week on Houzz they have a feature about kitchenettes that might give you some ideas. Yours is much bigger than a kitchenette, but it shows what can be done with not much space.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz Kitchenettes

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It's actually for a rental unit so I wont be cooking there. I was thinking i wont do a dishwasher but not sure yet. So do you have your stove against the wall? i was thinking maybe counter, then stove, then counter, then fridge...... just so i have some separation. I have 9.5 feet to fit those two things on that will with some cabinets as well. Thanks for you reply, i'll check out your link.

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My cooktop is at the end of the run, sort of. There's not a wall, but there's a 12" deep floor-to-ceiling pantry cab, then there's an opening that leads around the corner to a side door. Your idea, to have counter on both sides of the stove, is best. A KD will tell you you should have landing space on both sides of the stove if you can. But you don't have to actually center it, it could be shifted over so you'd have, starting from the wall, maybe 9-12" of counter, then the 30" stove, then a bigger swath of counter, then the 24" fridge. You could even fit in a 30" fridge, and they aren't very expensive.

The reason I suggest shifting over the stove a little is that I don't think I'd like to have my stove directly across from my sink. OTOH, my kitchen is less than 8' across, and you have 10' here, so the aisle is much wider.

I saw the end of a basement remodel to create a rental apartment on HGTV recently, and they pointed out that the DW they installed would make a renter so happy because it is, it seems, uncommon. So adding one would make your unit more desirable.

Since it's a rental, and I don't know if a renter would be happy about buying new cookware, induction might not be best for this application.

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Where are the windows in the LR, and what do the doors go to? Where are the stairs, and where is the entry into this apartment?


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Ok here is an updated picture showing the entire layout if that helps. I think i will do a dishwasher by the sink. I'm also leaning towards a 12" counter/cabinet at the very left of the picture, then a 30" stove, then maybe 30" counter/cabinet, and then a 30" frig. That gives me 102" and from that wall to the bathroom door is 114". That gives me a foot for swinging the door open more before hitting the frig. Thoughts on this?

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I think that gives you a workable layout - but, as I said, I'm not one of the experts. Make sure you put a stopper on the bathroom door so it doesn't hit the side of the fridge when it opens. Are you going to vent a hood to the outside?

The 30" fridge will stick out from the counter quite a bit, remember. Mine sticks out 6", not counting the handle. So when you make the peninsula and leave room for the aisle, make sure you measure from the fridge, not the counter. Also leave plenty of room for the fridge door to swing open all the way. Sorry if this seems obvious to you. Nothing is ever obvious to me.

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Ginny, those are all great things to think about! Thanks for the tips!

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If the entire room is ten feet wide, there should only be about six feet between the sink counter array and the facing appliance array. In your drawing, that space looks more like eight feet, which is only two feet more but may complicate running anything perpendicular to the arrays.

Whether my reading of the space is accurate or not (I am spatially challenged to a spectacular extent), you might want to consider a counter-height cart on wheels as alternative to a stationery peninsula.. The cart I have now put in three different rental apartments is 44" by 20", with drawers at the top and two shelves below. Most useful, it has brakes that immobilize the wheels, so that once it is positioned, it doesn't roll around. I provided it to increase counter space rather than for eating, but I know that the same company (Homestyle) also makes models that have an overhang for eating that folds down when it isn't wanted.

My tenants have all been pleased with the cart, because it can be positioned as they prefer.

Cheers and best wishes. hbk

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The cart is a good idea actually..... then i can buy the basic laminate countertops that Home Depot keeps in stock and not have to worry about making the corner into the peninsula.

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