Miele Induction Cooktop: Set Flush or Drop In

sandcaApril 7, 2011

Miele says the induction cooktop can be installed flush with the counter or with the edge sitting on top of the counter and it can't be permanently sealed in place. I would prefer to install it flush with the counter to give a sleeker look. To do this the fabricator would have to rout out a little ledge for it to sit on and I'm afraid that the transition between the cooktop and counter would become a crumb/spill collector. How did you install yours and are you happy with your method of installation?

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Fori is not pleased

Caulk isn't permanent--if it starts to get gunky flush mounted, you could probably use some. I'm sure the manufacturer would say not to do so, though.

It looks great flush IF and ONLY if you can get it installed perfectly. Do you trust your fabricator? :D Cuz you can't undo it!

Cotehele has a flush mount I think. Not that it matters in her pretty kitchen--a coil top would look fab in there...

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Agree with Fori - the fabrication has to be perfect to do it flush with the counter, and even then I'm sure gunk would get in. Our Miele induction cooktop is top monunted and it's still a very sleek look... barely over 1/4" above the stone...and very easy to clean around that thin metal rim. (Our model is from last year...so I assume the Miele cooktop still has that metal frame).

Sorry I can't post a picture of ours right now but maybe later.

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Fori, thanks. :-)

Here are a couple of pics of the flush mount cooktop. The fabricator took the cooktop to the shop and did the opening there. There is 1/8'' clearance on each side. He is an engineer who designed all the heavy equipment he uses to fabricate stone. I trusted him completely.

Don't use caulk around the cooktop. Cleaning isn't that difficult with the unit in place. Running a small icing spatula wrapped in a damp paper towel or very thin cloth gets out most of the crumbs. Also my Dyson hand vac sucks a lot of loose crumbs out. When it needs major cleaning, it can be pushed out with total access to the countertop.

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Cotehele you aren't sorry that you had it installed flush then?


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Not at all, Shannon. I would do it again. Cleaning around anything with an edge on the counter can be as much or more hassle to clean, too.

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Shannon - sounds as if you like the idea of the inset look, but here are some pix so you have a look at the induction cooktop mounted on the counter in a modern kitchen. Good luck!

a super close-up of the corner (complete with lots of reflections!)

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