RECIPE: Need lunch ideas

dawnpMarch 8, 2010


My older aunt is coming with her friend for lunch. I'm running out of ideas to make for them.

They don't like anything ethnic particularly spicy. No chinese, mexican, etc. Italian is Ok. They really like traditional food.

In the past I've made quiche, chicken salad, chicken pot pie, sandwiches so I'm looking for something different. I was considering a chicken vegetable lasagna and salad.

They are great cooks BTW.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


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Seems to me you are in a chicken about a fritatta? Or a quiche Lorraine? bacon, eggs swiss cheese and cream in a pie crust....what's not to like?
Linda c

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What about crepes? Sausage crepes, fresh asparagus, or a poached salmon filling with a light lemon dill cream sauce. Just "google" crepes and crepe fillings to see what recipes result.

Here is a link to a highly rated recipe from Emeril.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chicken-Ham-Mushroom filling for crepes

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What about soups? Clam chowder.

Welsh rarebit (we called it rabbit).

Florentine Shrimp casserole.

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Great ideas! Thank you!


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