Teresa_nc - thinking of you

magothyrivergirlJune 10, 2014

Hoping all went well today. When you are feeling up to it, let us know how you are!

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I have heard from Teresa. She is doing ok after her surgery and her knee pain is bearable.
I hope she is on the mend!

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That's Great!

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Wishing her well and hoping for a quick recovery!

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Sending a prayer for a speedy recovery!

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It's me again - minus the stitches, had those out yesterday. I'm trying to control the pain with the med they gave me after surgery. I had been on Tramadol, but early Monday morning of this week, I sort of hallucinated some lights on my bedroom ceiling - so NO MORE Tramadol......very weird to say the least.

Today I made it out to pick up some groceries. I ordered online and just drove up and they loaded the bags into my car. I wish I could have sprung the $22 for delivery to my house, but my frugal self just couldn't do that. I did manage to get the bags into the house, but it just about killed me.

I'm sleeping better now, so I hope the dark circles under my eyes will go away. Still don't have much of an appetite and have lost about 10 pounds.

Today I finished the quilting on the baby quilt with the Donkeys in Wellies. So all I have to do is the binding and label. Woot!


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Glad to hear you are up and around Teresa! It's so hot and humid here that I'm not doing too much anyway.

I need to lose weight, but not your way lol!

Take care and don't overdo!

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Theresa, so happy you are feeling better. I'm glad you are able to keep up with your quilting during your convalescence.

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Teresa, one of my gym buddies had a female related surgery and she was prescribed strong pain meds. She told me she was hallucinating about having monsters under her bed.

Her brother was prescribed pain meds for back problems and his wife had to stop him from walking out to pick up the mail nude lol!!!!

Hope yours wasn't that bad!

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Good to hear you are on the mend, Teresa! I know it's a long journey, but you are well on your way. It's great you are able to get some quilting done, too!

By the way, after my knee surgery I wanted to get back to work quickly and couldn't do it on the pain meds so my doc recommended 2 Advil and 2 Tylenol, taken together. It really worked at knocking down the pain and keeping it down. We call it "Smothered and Covered" after the famous hashbrowns at Waffle House!


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Teresa...good to read you are on the road to recovery and have the added bonus of doing a bit of sewing. Don't over do it on yourself...easier said than done...we all know that one!

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Teresa, I didn't know about your surgery until now. I hope you are on the mend and feel a lot better soon.

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Thanks to everyone for your good wishes! I think I am progressing nicely. This weekend I actually noticed a decrease in pain level which also lifted my spirits. I have my second physical therapy session this afternoon and this is my second week back at work.

I'm still not ready to go shop for groceries for an hour or more. But we have one store here that has an online shopping service that allows you to place your order and then pick it up at the time you set. It's great!

Hopefully I can work on my Round Robin quilt that I'll enter in our quilt show in September.


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I'm glad to hear you're making progress, Teresa! Keep up the good work!


PS - that's a sweet grocery shopping deal! I hate grocery shopping. :)

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Hi Teresa, I haven't been online for awhile but I'm glad to hear your recovery is going well. Have you been doing any weaving?

Take care,

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No weaving here, Faye I've been in pain with the knee since the end of Feb. and spent most of my weekends off my feet to alleviate the pain. Four weeks after the surgery, I'm still not pain free and I've had to ease off the level of the exercises I'm doing in physical therapy. I'm hoping things will gradually get better.


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Sometimes you can't rush things. Here's to being able to do the trek up and down the hill to the mess hall. :)

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