RECIPE: What use do you find for.....

pink_warm_mama_1March 6, 2008

.....your leftover mashed potatoes? I always make extra as they can be warmed in the microwave, but would like some of your great ideas. Thanks.

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My daughter used to like what we called Egg Nests for breakfast whenever we had leftover mashed potatoes. I'd mix them with some chopped or ground ham and put a blob of them in a greased custard cup. Then I'd shape the potatoes into a lining about 1/2 inch thick on the bottom and sides of the cup. I'd break an egg into the center, put salt, pepper and about a 1/2 tsp. of butter on the egg, and bake at 375 until the egg was done.

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You could always use them in making a Shepards Pie. My mother also made a fried potato pancake with leftover mashed potatoes. She'd add an egg (or 2) to the potatoes and mix well. She then formed them into pancakes about 2" in diameter. She'd flour them on each side and then fry them in a skillet with a touch of vegetable oil.

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Chopped up onion or green onion mixed in with the potatoes along with some shredded cheese & an egg & form into patties & fry.

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Oh, and Ruthanna you're welcome for the Whittard's tea I sent you last July.

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We made potato pie with the leftovers. One or two eggs (depending on the volume of mashed potatoes), some mozzarella (a cup more or less) and lots of grated pecorino romano cheese. Spray a baking dish, add the mixture, and bake for 45 minutes.

Let sit for 5-10 minutes. Yum

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My favorite use for left overs is in any soup that calls for potatoes. Cream of leek and cauliflower are examples. Also, fried potato patties.

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I fix them the way ginger_st_thomas does. Vique.

John 3:16

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I put them in a greased pie plate, top with parmesan cheese and dot with butter and heat in the oven. It puffs up and is delicious. If the leftovers are a bit dry you can stir in a little half and half or milk before adding to pie plate (or casserole dish). Ann

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I make lots of mashed potatoes so there will be plenty leftovers. I may reheat them one time as is, or I may fry some bologna slices, place a scoop of leftover mashed potatoes on each, top with cheddar and place under a broiler until cheese melts and serve.

I really like potatoes patties even better than mashed potatoes. I just add a beaten egg, finely chopped onion and sometimes a little flour and fry in shallow oil until golden brown.

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Larkie Martin

I also make the bologna slices, but I add a slice of tomato, the potatoes and cheese and broil.. Also deep fried potato fritters are good..Just add an egg, minced onion, salt, pepper, & grated cheese. Drop into hot oil and deep fry til golden brown.


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I have never cared for warmed over mashed potatoes, but my family and I love them for potato pancakes like beverlyal. Also, I use for potato salad. My family likes 'creamy' potato salad best.

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