one elegant creamy white or several here? stain or paint mantel?

suz1023May 25, 2012

it's for window and door trim, the corner fireplace/hearth and the future built-in wardrobe in the master bdrm.

the trim on windows and doors is now a subdued cream, not quite bright or glossy enough for me.

the colour scheme is golds and cream with pinks and greens.

can i assume one 'perfect' glossy, elegant bright cream will work on all these pieces or should i go for a tonal effect? the wood pieces are dark and the floor is gold cork planks. cathedral ceiling has dark stained beams.

btw i used flexibrick which comes in artic white which i knew was too cold for me. i consider it primed,lol. it is paintable faux brick product.

the mantel will be deep brown/black and glossy, not sure if it will be stained or painted yet. welcome your opinions on that!

in case you're interested...

btw this is nice stuff--easypeasy to work with and not too pricey. and it weighs a pittance compared to real brick, which is comforting in my old farmhouse.

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I'm a little confused by your post, but I think you're asking for a cleaner, brighter white for trim and built-ins? How about Benjamin Moore's Super White? If you're also looking for a creamy white for walls (?) Ben Moore's Linen White is a winner, imo. It will contrast with your trim, but feels clean and crisp. I don't think you can go wrong with it. Hope this helps.

As for your fireplace, stain vs. paint, I'd paint it to match your trim.

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I would consider doing the fireplace area a different shade of white other than the door & window trim. I think that would give it a more 'collected over time' look. I believe in the power of "3's" or 'odds' so I would do the built in's the same as the trim.

Stain or paint the mantle? Do you have other stained pieces? If not then I would paint it.

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oh i really do want the room to look 'collected over time' (it is anyway,lol), so thanks for putting that into words for me.
the walls are ben moore rosemary sprig (which we like)and the trim is non-descript off white with no gloss to it and i'm not really sure if that's where the glossy finish should be anyway. i think i'll leave the trim alone until the fireplace and built-ins are done.
so i want to brighten up somewhere, and am unsure if it should be a glossy cream brick fireplace, and/or the built-ins and/or the trim or two or three different shades even.
therefore i think i'll start with the brand newly built faux brick fireplace, since that's a huge gorgeous feature in the room. i'll take pics as soon as possible, i promise! it's sort of modeled after lavender lass's rustic romantic idea.
i know i want it to be creamy and elegant enough to wow the room.
options include bm mascarpone and linen.
which is best to work with golds,pinks and greens?
fireplace mantle would be the only painted wood in the room, today i'm leaning towards a dark walnut stain.
i can wait on the built-ins,they're not even built yet.
i can't wait to go to the paint store now, thanks!

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