RECIPE: White Stew recipe

deniselieMarch 13, 2009

Has anyone ever heard or tasted a creamy white beef stew? I had it once and it was wonderful. My friend, who brought it to me after a surgery said she would share and then moved without sharing her delicious recipe. It didn't have much in it other than the beef and onions and this delicious rich white sauce.

Can anyone out there help me?

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Could you be thinking of beef stroganoff?
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: stroganoff

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Linda, thank you for the link and for the thought that it was stroganoff. I asked her before tasting it what it was and she said 'white stew' I know it didn't have any sour cream in it or mushrooms. It was stew meat that she used, and perhaps it was just a simple white sauce with cooked stew meat? Not sure. If there isn't a real recipe out there for 'white stew', then that's probably what it is.

Thanks for the thought. Looking at the recipe made me want to make some stroganoff soon, though!

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Blanquette de Veau is a classic "white beef stew" made, of course, with veal but I suppose any beef will do (less "white", though).

It's butter, onion, white mushrooms, white wine, white pepper, egg, whipping cream and flour. Sometimes a touch of lemon and parsley.

Many versions but basically the above.

One of my favorite dishes.

Need a recipe?


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Thank you Joe. I would love for you to include a recipe. It sounds like what I must have had--and it was delicious. It came from a newly married 'country girl' so she may not have even known what it was she made!

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Check the first 2 recipes below.

Here is a link that might be useful: White stew

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