Triangles don't match up, need help!

meowcatninjaJune 23, 2014

I have never worked with triangles before so I don't know if I'm doing this wrong.

I cut everything to the directions but the pieces don't match up.

Please view images here....

Do I trim the extra off? Am I doing this wrong? Are the sizes wrong?

Thank you!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Images of triangles

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I'm not sure I'm understanding the pictures, but if you are ending up with 1/2" extra at one end I think you may have lines up the leading edges when you sewed the triangles together. You may have to offset the leading edges by 1/4" for the seam allowance - so that when you open and press the two pieces, the edges line up. I'm not sure how to explain that any better. Maybe someone else here can...


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"lined up", not lines up.

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Does your pattern tell you how to line up the edges when sewing together? What's the name of the block? We might be able to give greater insight if we could see a picture of the completed block, too.


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The way I look at this pattern is that the diagonal of the 4 7/8" block E needs to be the same measurement as the outside edge of the 5 1/4" block A (give or take the seam allowances) so that they can be joined. Well, the diagonal of the 4 7/8" block is 6 7/8", way too long to fit together as the picture shows. My guess is that the measurements are wrong. Just by looking at their diagram, I think that the difference between the two block sizes A and E looks like much more than 3/8".

I know this is very helpful, but I couldn't get it to work either. Sorry.

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