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two25acresMay 9, 2013

I was in the garden on Tuesday afternoon and my neighbor came down to chit chat. It's been at least a year since we've spoken but we always wave whenever we see each other. His dog comes to visit me while I'm gardening. Anyway, I can't say as I know him well, we are just neighbors but share the love of husky's. Mine passed away a few years ago and his is getting close. We chewed the fat for a while and then he told me he was getting married this weekend and they were having a get together at the house with appetizers and a bon fire, very informal. I've never met his fiance, I've just seen a female around the house. What I can't figure out is do I go with a gift? The invitation was verbal, no set time or anything. We can stop by anytime. He did tell me her name so I have that atleast. Any suggestions? He did tell me she wanted to do some gardening this year and I offered him/her the use of one or two of my beds. She is pregnant and due in August so I don't imagine starting a garden from scratch would be something she'd want to do right now. I've got 9 beds and this year I'm actually going to cut back on veggies and increase the flowers . Is the offering of garden space and veggies enough or would you bring something? Thank you for your thoughts.

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I'd probably bring a homemade appetizer and a nice card. You made a generous offer of the garden beds. I hope she becomes a friend.

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Don't get in the habit of buying gifts for people you barely know... A card may be a nice gesture, but I would assume they would not be expecting you to buy them a gift.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It would be very nice and neighborly of you to take some appetizers over....that's all I would do (and a card) .

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Bring some a card and some treats for the dog.

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I would take a little potted plant and a card.

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I would take appetizers. I also like Terilyn's idea of a plant. Maybe one that can be planted to commemorate the wedding.

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I think I would make up an inexpensive basket with some seeds, gardening gloves, a trowel, and some other inexpensive gardening things. Wrap with cellophane and tie with a pretty bow. You can pick up seeds at the dollar store, maybe even the gloves. Just a thought. I think I would include a certificate for the use of two of your garden beds in the basket, too.

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I like the idea of bringing food to the open house and a card. The card can include what you verbally said about using your beds and perhaps suggesting they can call on you for gardening help.
Now that your neighbor is getting married with a baby on the way , he probably realizes the importance of getting friendlier with the neighbors.

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I, personally, would bring a small gift. I like the idea of a garden basket, since they have an interest in gardening. Offering a plot was very neighborly. Sounds like they are looking to get to know you better.

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The garden basket from a dollar store is a good idea, otherwise, I'd go with a snack or appetizer or maybe a beverage. Bottle of wine or something but not extravagant. I agree not to get into the gifts-for-nothing all the time but it sounds like you might want to bring something. Definitely some doggie treats should go with you!

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definitely some seeds... I like the basket idea.

Nice way to really get to know each other.

It was really nice of you to offer a garden plot.


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I was going to suggest a bottle of wine, but I like the basket idea with gardening stuff.

I don't see the harm in giving people "you barely know" a gift....giving is always a good thing!

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FlamingO in AR

I would take them a hanging basket- something flowery and bright, a card and maybe a bottle of sparkling cider, so she can enjoy it too. Have fun!

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I like the gardening basket idea, too!

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since she wants to garden and probably won't this year what about a nice pot with a mix of perennials/annuals? that way she can kind of take care of them w/o getting fully into the garden....along with a card. ~ liz

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If money is not a big issue....YES I would bring a small simple gift. It wont hurt anything but your wallet, and its celebrating a marriage. To me that is a big deal. It is a friendly gesture to include you and it is classy to have something in hand upon arrival. Maybe these will become.close friends, lucky for you!

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