Affordable Countertop - Feedback Wanted

MichKerkApril 18, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to get some feedback on affordable countertops that will go with my design. The cabinets have already been ordered and are white with a shaker style door and drawer front. The floors are wood and will be installed to match the existing 1930's wood (2 1/4 inch, medium to light oak). I plan on painting the walls a very pale yellow that will match the rest of the house. The backsplash will be white subway tiles. My dream countertops would be marble, however, this is not our dream home and marble is definitely not in the budget. We also plan on moving in 5-7 years. Can anyone recommend a more affordable countertop material, preferably in the white family? Or, do you have any ideas for a different color that would still go with this design? Sorry no pictures yet. Drywall still has to be installed! Thank you!

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Butcherblock sounds like it would go very nicely with what you have planned and it can be DIY very reasonably. I don't know if you averse to a tile countertop, but a marble tile countertop may be in your budget.

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localeater - I was considering a butcher block top in a really dark stain but was hoping to avoid a wood top with having wood floors. Good suggestion on the marble tile, but dealing with the grout would drive me absolutely nuts!

If it helps, my budget is $50 - 75/sq foot. Whatever we end up purchasing we could install ourselves, but I'd definitely want it precut.

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Quick, go to Ikea while their kitchen sale is still on. All their countertops are on sale, provided you spend above the minimum amount. Of course, you are at the mercy of their installers, who are subcontractors. Our Ikea Caesarstone is being installed next week; they also carry granite and some marble (and a whole lot of laminate, some of which looks not-so-bad).

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You can get a light colored granite for that price that would have great resale value and be appealing to buyers in the future. You have a nice budget, so I don't think you have to go with laminate. Oh though there is some nicer looking laminate these days if you go that route. Have you looked at Formica 180FX? This might be an option for you.

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I paid something like 55.00 sq foot for Caesarstone Organic white at Ikea, installed. Their sale ends at the end of this month. Not on sale, the price was $69 sq foot - still in your budget.


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Just to add a note about grout in tile countertops. I dislike grout so much I will not even contemplate a tile floor in my shower, really don't get how it doesn't seem to be an issue for so many people, they must have much cleaner feet than me, or clean their shower floors a lot more often...anyhow, I DID have tiled countertops in my last house. Kitchen and two bathrooms, and loved it. We sealed the grout after it was installed, and once a year or so after. The bottle lasted the whole time we lived in that house. Kitchen had very small grout lines, and dark grout, and looked as new the day we sold it, as the day it was put in. ( We lived there 11 years).

Today's tiles can often be placed even closer together. So, it still could still be an option for you. Though personally, I think something with a bit of colour other than white. Grey is fairly popular right now, and I think grey and yellow and white is a classic look. Even a granite with browns and yellows to tie in with your floors could look nice, and a lot of the brown granites are fairly reasonably priced.

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I just posted my basement kitchenette with Steel Gray granite. It is the lowest-priced granite and it looks good with marble tile if you want to go with that for the backsplash instead of plain white. At my local Ikea I paid $47/sq ft (less 10% because of the sale but there was an extra charge for the undermount sink that brought it back up) but I noticed it is $54/sq ft now. At Home Depot it is $48/sq ft and you can get it on sale for 10% off. Again, they will charge a few hundred dollars for undermounting the sink.

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Molly Phillips

I paid $50/sq ft for my natural limestone viatera quartz from HD. I love it.

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