RECIPE: egg coffee

cocoakarinFebruary 14, 2007

I read a book by Joanna Fluke (chocolate chip cookie murder) in which egg coffee was made. Coffee grounds were mixed w/ 3 eggs (shells and all) in a bowl & then put in an urn to brew. You could probably visit her at her website and ask her about it. Good Luck

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That's the old way to make it...before pod machines and Mr Coffee.
Another way is to bring the coffee and water to a boil, then beat an egg and stir into the pot and let the grounds settle.
Linda C

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I saw my mom make egg coffee as a child when an old-country Swedish aunt came to visit. Remembering later, as an adult, I asked her to make it so I could find out why. But I could never taste any advantage to it. She said it was just an old farm way to keep the grounds together before perforated filter baskets were available.

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My Swedish Aunts used to make egg coffee, also.

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And when the power was out last week and the Senseo and the Mr Coffee things didn't work...but with a match you could get the gas cook top to was egg coffee time!
Linda C

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