Sold in two days!

Carol_from_nyMay 4, 2011

Oldest son and DIL sold their house two days after putting it on the market for full asking price. They had done their research before they priced it and with the agents help put a fair price on it. It's a starter home low 60's. It had been the worst house on the street when they bought it but over the last few years they tamed the landscape, made a few improvements, did some updates and painted the entire inside.

What's really amazing is there are six other houses on the market on their street that have been sitting there for months unsold. Part of the reason is unrealistic price expectations and part of it unwillingness to do a better job getting the property ready for sale. Fences falling down, ruts in know little things that are more annoying than anything else but scream lack of home care.

The deal took a bit longer than a month to get done. A few screw ups on the paperwork. The kids are thrilled they got out of it what they wanted and they don't have to deal with the lawn care issue all summer long.

So there is hope for those who are selling.

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Congrats on the quick sale. That sort of thing is unheard of nowadays. Glad he can move on with his life and have this all behind him. Did you ever think that it sold so quickly because there was an oil well, a gold or diamond mine, or a T-rex skeleton on the property that only the buyer knew about? haha. If this happened to me I would definitely be happy but then I'd be kicking myself for not asking more! Again, congratulations. Take care

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Congrats Carol. That is wonderful news. I am a firm believer in making your house look clean, spiffy and better looking than the doesn't take a lot of money to do.


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Is low 60's correct?

Your son and wife did the right thing. Congrats to them for getting a fast sell.

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We too got an offer right away (3 days) after listing. We close in early June. For me I think part of it was I live in a market that is pretty healthy now. But, also I spent 3 solid months preparing the house. I think we priced it fairly. Together that all equalled a quick sale.

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I wonder if the buyers were first time home buyers because anyone who is interested in my house can't sell their own house and they need to so they can buy this one. It's in a higher price range than your son's and I think it's practically impossible for someone to save about fifty grand for a down payment in this economy. So my buyers are dependent on selling their own homes first. I'm frustrated out of my mind. Thanks for trying to give us some hope!

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I love that "tamed" the landscape! We have a few neighbors that need to understand that concept!

Congrats to the smart sellers!

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We recently sold very quickly also. We got and accepted an offer the first day our house was on the market. I definitely think there was some luck involved, with finding the right buyers at the right time. But I also think there were a few things that set our house apart from the ones in our neighborhood (including one on our street) that have been sitting on the market for months.

Our house was very well maintained, and all of the major maintenance items (roof, furnace, etc.) had been done within the past few years. By walking through, buyers could see that there wasn't work that needed to be done, and the inspection turned up nothing. The house was also staged extremely well (we were very impressed with what the staging company did), and the pictures our agent had taken were fantastic. I know I am biased, but just looking at the listing online, I think ours stood out dramatically from the others in the area. Also, we priced pretty aggressively. Most of the other houses for sale around us look like they started with high prices and keep slowly moving down. We decided to err on the side of pricing too low because we would rather make a few thousand dollars less than wait six months to sell.

It never ceases to amaze me that people (I'm not referring to anyone here) will be trying to sell a house for 750k, have it sitting on the market for 9 months, and can't be bothered to have someone come take decent pictures. No, pictures don't sell the house, but I think they really help in getting people to come look at the house, and no one is going to buy it if no one is looking.

Anyway, my point is that THERE IS HOPE. Before we listed our house, we were really nervous and basically assumed that there was no way we were going to sell the house in less than three or four months. We were prepared to wait a year or more because of all the horror stories we heard. But it is still possible to sell a house quickly, when the stars align and all the pieces come together at the right time.

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Yes, there is hope. We have a higher end house that sold in 2 days. We had 4 offers, 2 at full price with no inspection. Our realtor was spot on in pricing. As a buyer now, I see houses in our target location that sold as much as $200k below asking, yet the houses coming on the market are still priced well above recent comps. Your house is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it--no more, not less.

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