LOOKING for: simple Monte Cristo sandwich for 4 servings

mangomoonFebruary 25, 2008

The only recipes I can find for this sandwich, involve about 18 slices of bread, half doz eggs, etc...

I am looking for serving for two or 4 persons.

I have had this sandwich before and I found it to be delicious, but I am not too familiar with how it is served. One recipe I found said it is served with jam.

Hopefully someone can set me straight on this and a simple recipe. Thanks

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I love Monte Cristo sandwiches - usually they're served with powdered sugar sprinkled over the top and a side of raspberry jam.

I have never made them at home, but I think rather than trying to dip the entire sandwich in egg batter I would start by making French toast, and after it's cooked on one side and turned I'd layer the ham, turkey and cheese on the top and continue cooking like a grilled cheese sandwich.

Let us know how it goes - they're one of my favorite sandwiches but you hardly ever see them on a menu.


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Oh Becky, I am starving. I only had it once and the memory hasn't faded, just how to make it exactly. You are correct, they are hard to find on menus. I love the Reuben sandwich too, but haven't made one yet..

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I make them at home exactly like Becky said. Make french toast. Flip and layer ham, turkey and cheese, add the top slice, cooked side down and continue cooking like a grilled cheese sandwich. (I warm the meats slightly in the microwave first). Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve with raspberry or strawberry jam.
Man, I love those things.

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I just read somewhere this morning, while searching, that you can also use the frozen already made French toast (Trader Joe sells them).

I found this link. Way off beat, but what do you think?


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