Are you quilting this weekend? June 229-July 1

lindaoh_gwJune 29, 2012

I am working on a quilt that I started in a class a couple of years ago. I made 3 blocks in class and haven't worked on it since then. Yesterday I made 4 blocks and 2 more today. It is called "Confetti Log Cabin". I'm finally getting into it again. I'm taking a break this afternoon due to a storm moving through the area. I always unplug my machine during storms. A small dead ash tree blew down in the front yard. The dead trees are actually on the neighbors property but it fell into our lawn. Hoping he has them cut down soon!

I plan to stay inside where it's cool and sew. Yesterday the temp was 106. The storm brought it down to 61. Are you planning to quilt this weekend?

Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: Confetti Log Cabin blocks

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Wow, I don't know when that date will occur! LOL
Linda OH

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I spent a few hours at a friend's house working on a quilt I am making for a family shelter that my sister works at. It is based on Kaffe Fassett's quilt "Mossy Radiation". My friend is working on one as well and she is using oriental fabrics and black borders. Here is mine so far.

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I'm still working on my depression blocks. It's king sized so this will take awhile. I hope to get a couple of blocks done over the weekend. I needed a bit of red and went shopping and came back with several nice colors, plus the red. So, the fabrics are lovely and that inspires me to try harder.

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I've been working on a semi-mini quilt... A Winding Ways done in batiks. Without borders right now it's 24" x 36" If/when I add borders it will no longer be a mini-quilt.

I got the body finished today. Now to decide about a border.

I'm also helping DD to get HSTs ready to piece for her quilt for littlest sister.

Also, we're heading out on an RV vacation next Wed. so I'm planning, packing & shopping for that.

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Am finishing up the green Jacob's Ladder. Only the binding left to do. Then it will go to friend who has had a stoke. She can use it when she gets home.

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Working on casserole carrier, red stripe table topper and maybe even some rows on the blue stars quilt.

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Well, I'm already ahead of my game...:)

I've finished the binding (by machine) on Melanie's quilt.
I've hemmed a batik to make a new lightweight blanket for Melanie.
And I have fabric hooped and ready to run an embroidered label for the wedding quilt tomorrow.

I'm off to a good start!

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I'm hoping to get my machine set up next week. I didn't do as much at my sister's as I thought I would, so now I'll be going for it! Every time I get ahead on those neck snuggles, they somehow end up out of my reach and into someone's closet for winter. They'll just get another one at Christmas!

Linda, We had that storm go through here a little after noon and lost electricity til about 8 tonight. Sent the grands and great-grands to the basement with flashlights. Fortunately, the temps came down but there was damage done around town. Both of my daughters property is ok but the house across the street can't be seen because of huge tree limbs on it. Roads are blocked with trees. A fireworks tent that was weighed down with 8 400# barrels was moved about 30 feet across the parking lot.


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No I don't think so. I'm looking at another condo and a couple of apartments and will continue packing.

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Tuppermom, It looks like Mossy Radiation is a pattern that is dependant on fabric/color placement in order for me to like it. I like yours the best of all I've seen.


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Tuppermom, I really like your fabrics. That's going to be a pretty quilt!

I'm quilting my first T shirt quilt. I made the top in a Quilt U class last fall. It's going to be the new bedspread in my spare bedroom, which I am painting and redecorating next week. I was getting frustrated; every time I'd get into it either the washer or dryer would beep. But, laundry's done, dinner's going in the crock pot and hubby's at work, so after I finish lunch I should be able to make good time.


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Gorgeous quilts!!!

We lost our AC again Wednesday - we have home owners insurance and they are trying eveything possible to get out of replacing a part. The AC guy was out early Thursday thank goodness it didn't wait until Friday night to got out.

Sharon and Linda if we lost power I think we would roast IT IS HOT AS H***!!!!

I am putting the binding on my sis's bday present in August.

Stay cool everyone,

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I so love to see what you all are working on! I started a new baby quilt today - Baby Shoo Fly in 1930s fabrics - and I'm sewing it on my Singer Featherweight because my Viking is at the shop. Other projects must wait until I get the Viking back.

At the moment, I'm sitting here with a cold, wet, wash cloth around my neck to cool down! My sewing room gets the hot afternoon sun and it is over 100 degrees F here today. Yes! the house has A/C but it is still warm. Folks are being advised to stay in the house today.

Speaking of storms, when I walked the dog this morning, I found lots of limbs down, a blown over and broken concrete bird bath at the neighbor's and lots of leaves littering the yards and street. What I want to know is when did this happen? I didn't hear a thing last night!


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HUGE storms blew through here just after 10pm last night. Moved through the entire eastern part of VA, MD and parts of NC, apparently.

Millions in the No Va area are still without power. Lots of trees down and wires, of course.

Our power went out 5 times in 5 minutes last night, but didn't stay out. MIL's in the next county North... her power was out until about 4pm today.

My folks in Annapolis never lost power, but there was significant debri around them. My brother & sister in Arlington both lost power. Sister had a large branch/tree come down on a fence and rabbit hutch. Rabbit was still AWOL at noon today.

DH has shared our generator and still hasn't made it back home due to terrific traffic problems. It's also affected many internet and cell services.

More storms are nearing us now...can hear the rumbling.

You're not the only one to sleep through it...everyone at my house did too!

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We lost power around 10 pm last night -- it is very, very hot. Even my dog is uncomfortable. We have a portable gas generator-it was a problem finding a gas station operating. Two grocery stores were open, but were in the dark, and you had to tell the clerks what you wanted and he / she would go down the aisle and get it for you - service! I'm good at getting thru power outages, but this storm was not predicted and caught everyone by surprise. Water is also a problem. I am not far from Jennifer's parents. I will be surprised if we get electricity back w/in a few days.
This is not fun!

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It's hot here, but thankfully no storms. We do have a "no burning" warning in effect though, so that can be a bit scary. If lightning touched down it would probably spark a fire like what happened in the Upper Peninsula a few weeks back. That one burned for about two weeks and did a lot of damage. I like the heat though, so it's not a problem. I go outside and work until I'm too hot, then come inside where the a/c is running and enjoy the cool air.
I've been getting some quilting done these past couple of nights, and I'm glad of it. This month in the Seeds-n-Stitches group we're trading crazy-quilted blocks, which is a lot of fun! This evening I dipped into my scrap drawer and got sewing, but I'm finding that I like it so much that instead of just making blocks, I'm making a large piece of! That's okay though! When I've got a piece a few yards long I'll iron it then cut out my squares to swap, and a few for myself too!
I'm also working on a beach-themed quilt. I have a lot of ocean-, beach-, waterfront-themed fabric, so I've been cutting squares and strips and creating a quilt on-the-fly. I think I'm going to use 9 large blocks in the center of the quilt, then do a lot of framing to build it up to being a queen-sized quilt. Here's a picture of one of the 9 blocks...

I haven't ironed it yet, which is why it's a bit wavy, but you can get the idea. Once I've got them all made, I'm going to join them with sashing and create a tic-tac-toe kind of board, then do a variety of things for the framing. I'm not sure where I'm headed with this design, but I'm enjoying the trip!

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I've had my head buried in either work or sewing and missed the news about the big storms. Sounds terrible! Hope you all get back to 'normal' as soon as possible!

Having survived an extremely busy week, I decided I needed a day of sewing so after running some errands this morning I've done nothing but sew since early afternoon.

I finished the insulated casserole carrier (it's in the back corner in the picture) and love the way it turned out. I'll take some more detailed pictures tomorrow and post them.

I also finished the stripey table runner; thank you, Lois, for the information! I hadn't planned to make a red table runner but received the fabric from a friend. I found an ancient bit of Jinny Beyer border fabric in my stash that picked up the orange and purple colors in the stripes.

If I can ignore housework for another day, I may start quilting the paint-on-silk piece tomorrow. I'll also be doing the June lotto drawing tomorrow.


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I actually AM!! (quilting this weekend) I've spent several hours handquilting 'Dinky Stars', a ufo from several years ago.

And weather-wise, it is much hotter than normal up here in Eastern Canada and we've had some major thunder and lightning the past couple of evenings.

(now back to Dinky Stars... ;)


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I had to spend Saturday with a friend stolling arournd the gem and jewerly show ... always a fun time, but now down to the real fun. Trying a new quickie design today for QOV top, if I get the bulk of it sewn today, I hope to quilt it on July 4. Starting early...can't wait to sew in.
Love the Kaffe design...that is beautiful.

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Sorry so many had storm issues. The weather has not been normal this year for many and the storms seem to be starting earlier.
Put binding on the Irish chain but need to sew it down, but a little to worm for that big quilt on my
Have started a new one, a double 4 patch, trying to use up some of my stash while making quilts for my Grands. Only 3 more to go.

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