i did it!!!!

jennifer_in_vaJune 11, 2012

I actually accomplished everything that I had hoped to do over the weekend!

I now have 5 quilts ready for hand sewing the binding down!! Now, this is exciting that I'm at this stage, but those that know me know I hate hand sewing... It may take quite a few nights of television to get it done!

I feel good that so many 'things' will be out of my sewing room!!

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Congratulations. Such an accomplishment will make you feel like a champ. Good luck on the hand sewing part.

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Yay Jennifer! I have perfected my method of stitching my bindings by machine, so unless it is a really, really important quilt, I stitch by machine. It is still alot of work, but I am satisfied not to be stitching them down by hand.
Sewing the bindings by hand is a good excuse to sit in front of the TV!

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Woohoo, more space to fill up with new stuff! :) Congrats to getting them all done.

I like the hand sewing part of binding. I should probably rent myself out; it seems that is a lot of people's least favorite part!


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:) Yay!!

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Congrats Jennifer! I actually enjoy the hand stitching now. It used to be my least favorite part of the quilt.
Linda OH

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Great job! I admit I like hand sewing too. Any chance of seeing some pics?

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Most of them you've already seen...(the first 3 quilts on this thread)


I will post photos of the baby quilt and wedding quilt soon.

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