Music in the kitchen - LOL

a2geminiApril 28, 2013

I asked my DH to figure out how to "musicfy" the kitchen. I went to visit DM and came home to see what he did. He thought it was a great solution.
Note the paper towels to protect the table (which doesn't belong in the kitchen/sun room) and the floor as well as the surge protector which DH said was a must for the unit...

I temporarily put it in my cave - but need to modify the cave to have it work properly. I plan to move up the drawers and put it under the drawers and then when I want music - just move it on to the giant cutting board surface that is a work surface... I am also going to talk to GC about mounting it on a floating shelf if I can figure out a spot that will work

I thought he was going to get a cordless model but the music is awesome. It is a B&W. It is also my springboard to get my Vitamix....

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ROTFLMAO! The paper towels under the table legs really sent me over the edge! I love music in the kitchen while I work. I like your current solution almost better than putting it on the open shelf.

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And they talk about us women.

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Holly- Kay

LOL! Men, you can't live with them, you can't live without them!

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Hmmm....your DH's setup is functional (assuming it's not in they way), but.....

I'm glad my DH insisted we put speakers in the ceiling (kitchen & DR) while the ceiling was down...I was against it initially b/c I thought they would "stick out like a sore thumb" in my pretty new kitchen....but they don't and now I really enjoy the music.

During the Christmas season, it's Christmas music close to 24/7 (Ilove Christmas season starts in mid-Nov and goes until at least mid-Jan!)

The rest of the year, I like music playing whenever I'm working in the kitchen.

I know it's too late for this option for you, but for others reading this thread, maybe it won't be!

For you, I also like the "floating shelf" idea.

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I starting laughing out loud and showed my DH your post.

He did not find the humor in it. :)

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Oh my gosh I laughed out loud. Bless his heart.

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Flwes- I had to look that one up.

I did some more re-arranging in my cave to improve the setup.

DH was so sweet to be concerned about scratching the floor and table.

If DD were still around, I am sure I would have integrated speakers. DH would have put in monster speakers!

The music quality is tremendous, although I do get some steaming drops when using the MW.

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You said music, he provided music. You did not say aesthetically pleasing, practical, hidden, or any other condition, so DH just provided music. He tried to make you happy, and that's what counts! He even knew to watch for scratching, how sweet!

I'm sure you'll find a cool way to make it work for you.

Btw, hope your DM is doing better. It must be frustrating being so far away.

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Williamsem- you are correct. He took me literally and protected all important items. I had hinted cordless. He feels bad that it is takins up space in my cave but not enough to volunteer his. I might see if GC can add a pull out shelf below the drawers and raise the drawers. A shelf would not block the speakers like the drawer does. - although the sound is still awesome.

DM is doing OK. I am worried about her falling as she was a bit tipsy a few times but didn't want to use her walker. It is hard being so far away but I keep using my frequent spender points to buy airplane tickets to visit her.

So many if us are dealing with aging parents, spouses, and even kids with problems. What a great group!

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Love the solution. We have had wires for almost a year dangling from the ceiling. Another business that went under during our build.

I certainly know what you mean about aging parents. Fortunately ours are close. My dear friend lives a day's drive from her father because of limited air travel in her region. Wishing your dear Mother good health.

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Hahah! That is great! Hubbys just think a little differently than us!

Glad to hear your mom is doing better! I lost mine 7years ago May2nd. I will be making her favorite--lemon meringue pie--the first time I use my new oven.

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Oh my gosh that's funny and totally cute! If it was my dh though I prob wouldn't find it cute ;-) I just told my husband I want him to be in charge of figuring out how to have music in the kitchen and also hook up the tv with all the "stuff" hidden.

I'm scared for what he's going to come up with now.

Buehl, or anyone with them, any tips on doing the speakers, and where does the music come from that comes out your ceiling speakers? (Ugh, why am am I asking, this should be his thing!! Cant help it.)

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A2-Glad your DM is doing better, and glad you can see her relatively often. I love it that you have your cave to use for things like this.

And I'm really glad we also had speakers put in the kitchen when it was all torn up. Homebuyer-our electrician snaked (is that a verb?) the wires from our somewhat ancient but functional setup in our living room to the speakers. I know it was a pain for them but I'm so glad we did it when the ceiling was open in the kitchen. Music makes everything better.

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love it. The paper towels under the feet made me laugh.

Glad you are able to see your DM. Next time, we get together, ok?


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Love it! I'm impressed that he took such time and care to protect the floors. Mine would have just handed it to me to figure out what to do with it. Lol.

Sending well wishes for your mom. It is hard to be far away from family.

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Thank you for all of the well wishes for my mom - It is so hard to be so far away.

I think I should have titled the thread - how are you going to Musicfy your kitchen.

Men do think differently and I obviously have a very caring DH. In reality - I could not have just added speakers as my DH won't allow extra speakers on his amplifier or whatever it is called - so would have needed some kind of music box... The sound is awesome - just took a bit of tweaking!!

Bee - The next time I fly into MDT or BWI, I will stop in for sure! I can't wait to see that gorgeous kitchen IRL.

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