NO customer service from Candlelight

SueTheArtistApril 30, 2013

Just had VERY EXPENSIVE candlelight cabinets installed. 14 cabinets ($16,000.)Love the cabinet look though we have some issues and Candlelight has basically dropped the ball. The paint job on the panels is all bubbled in between the beads. I was told by Candlelight that it should be a rustic look???? yet it wasn't rustic in the showroom. There are nails sticking out under the bottom of the hanging cabinets and there are beads of glue inside the cabinets. (makes ikea furniture look like top of the line). See photos. Our cabinet dealer keeps saying they are going to send someone out to fix the issues but Candlelight says that's how the cabinets should look. Still waitingâ¦

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Get the sample from the showroom and take a photo of the two together.

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Sophie Wheeler

Is that glazed?

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I can't tell what I'm looking at ... is that a door? an end panel? Does every surface look like that, or just one or two?

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The cabinets and end panel, which runs all around the bottom island part of the kitchen and on one side wall is snowflake white. It is not glazed. I've already pointed out the issue in the showroom, but the one in the showroom is beige and not white. I was told the white one should look like that. The cabinet style is shaker and in no way rustic.

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I would think that whether you are trying to show us, the dealer, or candlelight, you need quality photos of the sample against what was installed. Do you have photos of the nails or glue?

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I sometimes wonder if the word "rustic" is used as an excuse for shoddy workmanship. I wouldn't be happy about those paint bubbles in between the beadboard slats. Is it like that around the shaker doors as well? Can you post another picture or two? Did your showroom have a sample of the beadboard end panels? Surely they weren't bubbled like that ... ? Did you not notice these imperfections before the cabinets were installed?

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If you're not getting satisfaction it's time to contact the President or Marketing Director, etc. of the company. I had an antique table shipped to me that had the leg broken off, and contacted Fed Ex to no avail. A letter to the Marketing Director solved that with an overnighted check to cover cost of repair.

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Here are the nails that are all under the counters. So when you sit at the counter you see all of them.

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To answer all your questions: Here is a close up of one of the nails that run all along the bottom of the cabinets. I'll post the glue in the next reply. The cabinets came this way. Had nothing to do with the contractor. The contractor, also put up the beadboard after calling Candlelight which ensured him that the boards were not defective and were supposed to look "rustic".

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I know it's not the best photo, but you get the idea. This glue runs down the corners of the top cabinets only. Again, I was told this is normal. Funny, there is no glue running down the seams of the bottom cabinets.

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No, way! Not for $16K! Write a letter, take pictures, make some phone calls. Get them to make this right. So sorry this has happened to you.

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So sorry to hear how poorly finished your Candlelight cabs are. From what I can see in your photos, you surely have a right to complain loudly! I thought Candlelight was one of the better mid-price brands, but these issues show that they're not! Thank you for sharing this so those of us still shopping can avoid them! Best of Luck getting new cabs and panels everywhere you need them. Those nails are just inexcusable, no "rustic" dodge will work there.

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I think this is a case where you tell them to stop the job so the cabinets do not even get installed. You need to return them! Full refund!!!

Posters in another thread show how in a short time they can start to deteriorate.

Those cabinets are a joke! No self-respecting craftsman or company would let them leave their shop.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bad cabinetry

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I must say I have never seen Candlelight cabinets that looked like that. Have you contacted candlelight directly? Sent them these photos?

Just to clarify are these cabinets installed? If so why did your installer put them in?

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Sherrie Moore

OMG!!!! these photos look terrible! Please keep us informed. I can not believe that a reputable company would allow this to be a standard of their workmanship!!

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Circus Peanut

I can't tell what we're looking at in the photos with the nails. Is this a shot of the underside of the countertop overhang? Can you show a shot from further away for reference -- are these nails on the interior or exterior of the cabs?

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The weird thing about my little milk table, from my great grandfather's farm In Iowa, it also had some rain damage and I had sent it to a woodworker in my town; I sent FedEx the bill, just asked them to replace the damage to the leg, NOT the finish, but the check they sent covered it all. It took MONTHS to get that final finish and leg (the wood was from Europe), but wow, what a beautiful piece of furniture. Wish they were still here, the owner was an executive that had retired and went into this out of love of good woods. I just love artisans who love their work!

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Did Candlelight make good on this?

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