RECIPE: toasted garlic

taterbugFebruary 16, 2006

I want to know how to toast garlic. At the restaurant, Johnny Corino's, they serve the bread with a dipping oil. The oil is olive oil with Italian spices and tasted garlic sprinkled on top. It is delicious.

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I got this from which is no longer available. If this poster is correct, be careful you don't burn the garlic:

"I requested this from one of the waitresses @ Johnny Carino's. She said they add Basil, Oregano, Salt, Pepper and Thyme to EVOO. The garlic that is added to it is just roasted in the oven (don't forget to stir to avoid burning). I haven't gotten the exact portions figured out yet - if you do, please let me know!"

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I also have had "toasted garlic", but suspect it is bits of bread soaked with crushed garlic, toasted. If you toast garlic it gets bitter.
If you want yummy dipping oil, try buying a very good quality olive oil ( not Bertolli's nor Carapellis....but something a but more high end) and put some into a bowl and squeeze in some fresh garlic put through a garlic press, and add a bit of oregano, basil and some fresh ground black pepper.....and a bit of Kosher salt....
Linda C

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These dipping oils sound yummy, but what about some dried chilli to give it a bit of heat!


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I like the taste of what I call toasted garlic, rather than roasted garlic. I just heat a pan, then put in some olive oil and when its hot, add minced/chopped garlic and immediately turn the heat down and watch it VERY CAREFULLY over medium/low heat. It can't be too hot or it will burn and become bitter. It can only take a minute or two, depending on how brave you are with the heat! If it turns too brown or black, you're screwed!

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You can get containers of roasted garlic and roasted onion at any store that specializes in Indian food or SE Asian food.

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I love the bread dip at Johnny Carino's. Purchased some
toasted garlic bits at a gourmet store and am using EVOO with the spices added, still is not the same as Carino's. Will keep experimenting. Thanks

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