Taking great home photos

jkom51May 15, 2011

I often make fun of our local paper, but they are very strong in two areas: food (inevitable, being in the San Francisco Bay Area), and architecture/design. They are one of the very few papers that has original articles on architecture, and they also have some excellent photo slideshows/columns on their website.

I thought this article was a good read, and possibly useful for those who are wondering what goes into making those beautiful professional shots of homes for sale. No registration is needed to view the website.

Here is a link that might be useful: 4 Professional Photographers Share Tips

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Good article. I am forwarding to the agents in my office.

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Thanks, jkom51. One of the best tips is near the end of the story: Shoot interiors from a height about 40" from the floor. Another good tip was to try to capture the 'feeling' of being in the room; no need to show *everything* in one shot.

Funny, none of these pros cautioned about 'putting a lid on it' for bathroom shots - lol. They probably don't live in the real world of house photos as circulated on this forum.

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Yes, these were certainly upscale home photos! But still, not only fun to look at but good advice, and any good advice is probably welcome in today's RE market.

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