Help needed: Quality of Kemper Cerise Kitchen Cabinets

NJKitchApril 13, 2014

We are trying to redo our Kitchen and looking at various brands in moderate price range (Kemper, Executive, Armstrong, Chinese JWQ)

Recently got a quote for Kemper $13k for 10x12 kitchen and price seems reasonable for American brand. When I google for the review on Kemper kitchen cabinets, I see lot of unhappy customers in 2008, 2009.
I am wondering has recently anybody bought Kemper and how is it? I am at NJ and looking for mid range all wood construction (plywood box), soft close, full drawer extension, dove tail joint cabinets.

Can you help me with feedback on Kemper brand and/or lead on any other in similar price range that is better.


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Sophie Wheeler

It's one of the lowest priced real cherry doors that are decent quality with a good selection of heart and sapwood and a great finish. Most other ''cherry'' doors in that price range aren't really cherry. In the import world, they are usually beech or birch with a cherry stain. Not at all the same quality level, and frankly they are intentionally misleading in the descriptions.

One of the last projects I did before I retired was a whole house in Cerise. Kitchen, dining buffet, pantry cabinets, entertainment cabinet, entry bench and storage, 5 bathrooms, all of it. Was right around 50K for all of that, which was an astoundingly cheap price for a whole giant truckload's worth of cabinets at that quality level.

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How is the quality of the Kemper cabinets? I notice mixed reviews online, more of negative comments

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I installed Kemper cabinets in 2005 and they are like new! Very solid, close easily.

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if it helps at all, kemper, diamond and schrock are the same cabinets.

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I sell Kemper. They are nice quality middle of the road cabinets. Not the highest priced and best, but good quality. I've only had minor incidental issues with them, just like any line has at any time. As a whole, their quality control is great.

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Thanks for the feedback on Kemper. My wife wants more design choices on door style (with rope etc.). Apparently, not many of these choices in Kemper.

Any other American brand choices with reasonable price in NJ, PA or NY area.

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Sophie Wheeler

She does know that she's past the "moderate" price point right? Right into not at all cheap territory. Look at the step up brand, Dynasty.

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You may want to consider Decora or Dynasty. Both are part of the same MasterBrand family as Kemper. They are at a slightly higher price point than Kemper because they are more premium brands, but they offer an extensive collection of door styles, finishes, and features that may interest you. Any cabinetry remodel is a major investment, but it is one that you will enjoy for many years to come. I would suggest looking into Avignon or Cambridge door styles in Decora and perhaps Marco or Melbourne in Dynasty. One of those may have the style you crave. Here are the websites for each brand. Let me know if you have other questions. Thanks!

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