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karpetJune 1, 2011

What's everyone working on? Something planned, long term, or unexpected?

My planned ones are from the plain fabrics my mom used as apron backings. I've been working on using them all up and after these three red quilts are done, I will be down to enough fabric left for 2 or 3 more quilts. I have 2 of the 3 tops pinned together and I'll have to quilt and trim one of them to use the remaining red backing to piece together the backing for the 3rd.

My long term project has been going for 3 1/2 years by hand and I'm now FMQ it - I got to the half way point last night.

My unexpected project was a quilt for a friend who's dad died at the first of the year. She loves blueberries and I found some blueberry fabric so I have her quilt top pinned together also.

I didn't expect to have 5 ready for quilting all at the same time!

So, how about you???


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I'm just trying to get this darn raffle quilt out of my house! Need to sew the binding on and hand it off to someone else to hand stitch it...Then I'm done!!

Have a few other clothing items to finish. Then maybe I can work with DD9 on the baby quilt she wants to make sister, plus I could work on the baby quilt I have started as well.

sew much to do, sew little time! ;)

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I'm glad to hear you're so busy with quilting. I hate to say it, I haven't been in the sewing room since early Spring. I do have a project on the machine that needs to be finished on the FM quilting. It's going up North to an Aunt, but she doesn't know about it so I'm not pressured. I rarely tell anyone when I'm working on something for them so that I don't stress over it. I am following the design on the backing, all over butterflies. I just have to get as much done as possible in the yard before it gets so hot. Here in Central Florida the heat is unbearable and it's almost to that point. I also have a puppy to train and look after, volunteering every week, and this past week I was down with a cold that turned to bronchitis, putting me behind in my yard-work. I did go blueberry picking 2 weekends ago, picked 15 pounds and made jam and froze the rest. I've been posting a lot on the Florida Gardening forum, but I do visit here often to keep up with everyone.

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Since I'm not at home quilting, I don't have much to offer. Even though there's a machine here and I have a med size mat, ruler and cutter, it isn't the same as being home with stuff I'm used to. I've added 4 more people who want quilts so that will help me work on UFO's when I get home and get them out of the house.


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Yesterday, I started a baby quilt for a soon to arrive great niece. Also, working on dresden plate blocks, appliqueing them to the background fabric. Been working on that on and off for about two years. Finally decided to get 'r done.


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Been busy with family stuff,gardening and cleaning. It's just starting to warm up in this area. I do have a scrap quilt started and I work on it whenever I have a spare moment. I said that I wasn't going to do any more scrap quilts for a long time but I am on a tight budget and want to use my stash as much as possible.

Hope everyone is enjoying their days.
Take care.


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I'm currently in Sydney looking after my parents, so don't have any sewing things with me. But I've been catching up on my cross stitch and knitting while away! Looking forward to getting back home this weekend and catching up on all the quilting jobs waiting for me!

Kristene (tinyteena )

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I have six tops from my guild that need quilting for our charity. They are small, so won't take long.

Last weekend I made eight miniature tops for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, so those need quilting, too.

And...I just decided to make my hubby a quilt. Hopefully it will be done in time for his 50th birthday in October. We have quilts all over the house but I've never made one specifically for him. I've narrowed it down to about 3 patterns...just need to deciide for sure and get started!

Those are the main ones in progress now...there are several more UFOs and a bunch of kits and other projects in my box. And 5 more tops that need quilting.

I need to retire so I can sew! :D


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I have been on vacation since May 19 and away for my sewing things. Couldn't use internet for the frist week. I am almost in withdrawal! Had a good time at the NC beach with great weather. Now in Western VA"s mts. Sofar the bad weather has avoided us. Plan on visiting a Quilt Museum in HarrisenVille tomorrow. Looking forward to getting back to the sewing room. Jayne

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I had my mom & MIL for most of May & did some traveling with mom. They left & we went camping at Rocky Mtn National Park for 6 days ... now trying to get ready for our neighborhood garage sale on Friday night & Saturday. I swore I would never do this again (and it has been about 5 years) but I just have too much stuff so cleaned the garage and now hauling stuff out to sell.

I did do a little fabric shopping with camping friends in Estes Park, CO. I pulled out a UFO (queen size) that I started handquilting 10+ years ago & sandwiched the Disappearing 16patch.

Son's GF LOVED her birthday quilt I left here for her while we were camping. (he said she jumped off the sofa & was beaming!) That's the kind of reviews you like to get! She did leave a lovely thank you card.

I need to get started on a baby quilt for July & decide on a pattern for a bunch of Oriental fabrics I have been collecting. I'm thinking of a fan type pattern ... just not sure yet. Still lots of UFOs to get going on also.

The weather is FINALLY starting to get nice (even though it rained/snowed/sleeted on us while camping!) so the flowerbeds are calling me to pull weeds - that will wait until next week.

Back to work now on the garage!

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Since Kate is home recovering from knee surgery, I think the least we can do is show her a few pictures.

I'm busy emptying a house and handling estate issues. But, I broke up the monotony with a wonderful class from Anelie Belden who teaches Dresden plate blocks made in quarters so you can shift them around for interesting designs. She does it on background fabric as foundation piecing and it is a great process. I'm doing it with brights on a polka-dot background. Her book is "Thoroughly Modern Dresden".

Other than that, I've gotten mostly hand work done this month working on a Hawaiian quilt with blocks. We visited a wonderful shop on Kauai when on vacation in March and saw all their lovely patterns using batiks. So, I'm on my fourth block and it's going well.

So, let's see pictures. And I hope your physical therapy is going well, Kate.

Linda in California

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Linda, I love how your Dresden Plate looks. What a neat idea! Do you then applique it to the background?

I have a Hawaiian block kit at home. Have had it for years....get it out and look at it every once in awhile and put it back. I'm not real sure how to get started on it. Your blocks look professional!

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Sharon, you put the "blades" on a foundation starting with center and adding one to each side like you'd do paper piecing. You can stitch tops down when you quilt it. It's very easy.

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I went to Florida for a week, had an out of town guest for a week, and have been busy with end of year quilt guild stuff. All that long with trying to do some yard work now that the good weather is here have kept me quite busy. I do read the forum but haven't taken the time to post lately. I am also working on a small wall hanging for my quilt guild challenge. Linda those Hawaiian blocks are gorgeous.

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It is nice to hear from everyone! I was sure the warm weather has opened up other outdoor chores that compete for your time. I've accepted the fact the I am hopelessly garden challenged, so I no longer split my time.(But I really would like to have a nice garden - our weeds just grow so easily here - like they are on steroids! It was much easier to keep up with things in Colorado's aired climate.

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Linda is your Hawaiian block reg. applique or reversed? Beaytufully done. Would like to try something like that.

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Linda, what a neat idea to do Dresden Plates in 1/4 blocks! They are very pretty. The Hawaiian quilt is looking great, too!


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Jayne, it's regular applique.

You know, I love applique but have always resisted batiks because of the tight weave. What a mistake. I've found you can do points and V shapes without nearly as much fraying. I'm a believer now.

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Hello, all!

While I was in the mountains over the Memorial Day weekend, I layered and quilted a baby quilt to add to my Etsy shop and worked on the birthday quilt for my sister's boyfriend.

We had the good luck to got down to the Beech Mt. Community Center on Sunday afternoon for the use of their large conference tables. Two of us were able to sandwich and pin our quilts in record time with our other two friends helping us. We plan to do this in the future and call ahead to see if there are events going on at the Center. Saturday they had a wedding there so the area was unavailable.

I've been quilting the birthday quilt since I got home, working a few minutes during my lunch hour and in the evening. I'm pretty sure I will have it done by June 18.

Next week I am going to visit friends from college in PA. They have a farm where couples can book their outdoor wedding and reception. I volunteered to help them out and enjoy a visit with them too. I can sew on binding in the evening while I'm there if it is at that point.

It's hot here - so not a lot of energy.

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