Getting rid of pet odor

kats_meowMay 4, 2010

We have recently listed our house for sale but we have been advised that there is a faint but noticeable odor near the entry to the house. (I can't smell it myself but I don't have a good sense of smell. Two people have told me that they can smell it so I believe it is there).

We currently have no pets in the house (they were moved to new house). When you enter the house there is a stairway to the immediate side. There was a large closet under the stairs where we kept our cat litter box and fed the cats (there was a pet door to allow cats entry and exit). There is no flooring in that closet, concrete only. Cats have been gone to new house for 6 weeks.

Area has been thoroughly and professionally cleaned including being washed with bleach.

Door has been left open in evenings to air it out.

We are at a loss as to what else to do. Cats did not spray or anything in there, by the way. This must solely be from the cat litter pan having been there.

Obviously we want to get rid of this but can't think what else to do. Any ideas?

There is nothing in the closet now, it is entirely bare, just concrete floor and walls and ceiling (sheetrocked).

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paint the walls in the closet. They've likely absorbed the smell. Use kilz or binz first.

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Arm and Hammer make paint that is suppose to absorb odors, I'd try that AFTER priming with the Kilz or Binz.

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The cats may have sprayed without you knowing it, or cat urine may have been splashed on the walls or the floor.

You can get a black light at pet stores that will show you if and where the cat urine is. Cat urine is one of the most difficult smells to get rid of. If it were my house, and the drywall had been marked by cats, I'd probably rip out the walls and put up new drywall. If it's the floor, I'd use Kilz or Binz on it.

If you find no traces of cat pee, you might, in addition to using the Kilz and repainting, also try some activated charcoal. Put a lot on newspaper on the floor and close the door for a few days and see what happens.

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I am positive the cats didn't spray or have urine splashed on walls. They are very house broken. I do think that doing the Kilz and then repainting walls is probably something worth doing.

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It's been discussed on GW before...

Here is a link that might be useful: oh those cats

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Is the concrete floor painted or bare? The pet forum is a great place to talk about pee and smell. LOL. Most of us there who have had lingering cat urine smells ended up going to a pet dispensary and buying an enzymatic cleaner. It has always worked for me. If the floor is at all porous, you may want to buy a little bottle of it, and wash the floor with it, allowing it to soak in. What about doors to the closet? Wood? Painted or natural? Aromas can sink into wood as well.

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Paint the concrete floor. Put a few reed-diffusers around the entry to give a nice, soft smell as people enter the house. Stick one in the closet. The concrete is probably holding the odor.

Good luck,

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Has anyone said what the smell smells like? Maybe it has nothing to do with where the litter box is.

Today's litter is pretty darn good at masking odors. I use Fresh Step and my only complaint is that the carbon smell is so strong that things that I store in my basement smell like charcoal.

Probably good to have someone with a good nose try to identify the smell.

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check the internet for vinegar use on pet urine

my daughter (shame on her) didn't crate her dog when she went to scool for a couple of months and developed a bit of odor
i told her to try vinegar and the next time i was there, there was NO smell at all
she said the vinegar did the trick!!

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I use an ozone generator. This is nothing like those Ionic Breeze things you see in infomercials. This is powerful. You don't leave it on all the time. You use it when you need it. You might be able to find one for rental.

I have 3 dogs and it's a huge help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ozone Generator

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We ended up having the room painted with shellac and having the floor cleaned and sealed. So far the paint smell is still there but is dissipating. I suspect that this will take care of the pet odor, at least, I sure can't smell anything now.

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Great thread! We have three cats and are planning on selling down the road, and this has been one area I've worried about.

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